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  1. Hi everyone, having searched around it seems the only Rotisserie accessory suitable for the Louisiana 24" Kamado is to get something custom made with the websites providing this service only in the states. Has anyone managed to source one that fits from the UK or Europe? Or did anyone find any alternative/adoption of another available brand that gave good results?
  2. Thanks for all your help, yes its working no problem at all now. A combination of poor quality charcoal and not enough it seems. Now with good lump wood charcoal fully loaded it works great
  3. Hi everyone, thanks so much for taking time to give me your advice, great to hear its likely an easy fix! I am planning to load up this weekend so i will report back I have both the cheap Costco fuel and the good Kamado Joe big block fuel I had been using a mix so not sure why my first few cooks would have been any different in terms of fuel. The only thing I can think of is I ran out of my first batch of the cheap Costco stuff and bought another bay so maybe I just got a bad quality batch 2nd time around I will try with just the big block fuel loaded up and see. I always use the chimney starter fully full and leave that burn for around 15 minutes then load into the Kamado. Imagines of the two fuel brands I have been using attached.
  4. Hi everyone, I only purchased my Louisiana Kamado Grill from Costsco UK 2 months ago and am now having problems getting it to head beyond 150 degrees Celsius. I have just come across this forum today and there is so much great info here! All very good stuff but I didnt see anyone having the same difficulty I am having. I have checked the gasket and there does not appear to be any obvious leaks so I am struggling to understand what the issue is. I opened all the vents fully and ran my hand around the seal between the lid and base and couldnt feel any head escaping. If anyone has had any similar issue it would be great to hear if you managed t fix this, like others are saying its a difficult piece of kit to return!
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