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    Love cooking. Love grilling on my Weber kettle (not enough). Love slow cooking in the crockpot. Looking for my first Kamado!
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  1. That is an exceptional find! Looks like it’ll do incredibly well. Have made smashburgers twice now. The first time way too fat, the second time squashed enough but way too small. Third times a charm?
  2. Thanks for this Mike. Afraid I’m based in the UK though so no good for me - but hopefully will help some other folk in the US with the same kind of issues
  3. Impressed with the CPL. 7 hour slow cooked half lamb shoulder indirect over a half deflector at 125C - pulled nice and easy. Slight smokiness - more than previous briquettes and lump I’ve used but not overwhelming. As my wife is hugely anti-smoke flavour, this was a success. Would recommend.
  4. I’ve just bought a 12kg bag of CPL restaurant grade charcoal - first cook with it tomorrow so will let you know how it is. Have sifted through it and seems a decent mix of big lumps and medium lumps.
  5. Update 2: the large BGE half moon perforated grid pan fits perfectly on the 38cm half moon deflector plate and when foiled over will serve well as an indirect drip pan. So now I am complete. Seasoning grids now and will do try some smash burgers later. Hope this helps anyone else looking for accessories for the Kamander.
  6. Yeah, it’s something else - see photo. Although I found a Reddit on this and apparently according to KJ it’s normal and seems to be part of manufacturing...
  7. Hey. Sorry to hijack this thread, but thought it better than starting a new one. Just bought a Classic Joe half moon griddle/plancha - noticed it has a small circular hole drilled into the wall on the plancha side, but not all the way through. Is this normal or a manufacuring defect? Seems like it will just accumulate a load of gunk in there...
  8. So I’m impatient and also overly confident in my research skills, so I just smashed through it and got a KJ Classic Joe half moon plancha/griddle which fits perfectly on the top level of the drip pan rack. Also ordered a 46.5cm cast iron half moon grate and a 49.5cm cast iron half moon grate from Ynni Kamado in the UK, which fits ok at the same level and main grill level respectively. Waiting for the half moon large BGE perforated grid pan which I will use as a half moon drip pan on top of the half deflector and then I’ll be set for a kind of two zone low direct and higher indirect cooking sys
  9. Hi team Looking for a bit of help from across the pond. I’ve been scouring google and this forum for info about sizes of half moon cooking surfaces that are available in the UK. I have a Char-Broil Kamander, which has served me nicely since August last year. I’ve been happily trying pizzas on a stone, roasting whole birds, low and slowing lamb and pork shoulders, roasting pork and beef joints etc. My main grill diameter is 20 inches. The lower rack that holds my half moon deflectors or round drip pan rests in the walls on an 18 inch ring, with a ring allowing 13-15 inch su
  10. I set my top vent to between 1 and 2 when starting the fire. I literally load the coals, bury a couple of natural fire lighters, light them, set up the deflector and grill and close it. When the Fireboard drive hits the right temp I chuck in the food and run the program. Works well. I tried lighting and go but the food came out too smoky for my family’s liking. Works better for us this way. Am noticing quite a bit of smoke leakage though around the top vent and from the perimeter seal, especially where the probe cables lie.
  11. That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought about that - of course I put my pizza stone on the grill. Thank you! I’ll let you all know how it all turns out in a new thread.
  12. Came across this thread on a search and thought it’s close enough to my question that I’d resurrect it. im trying to get a two zone cooking system on my Char Broil Kamander, which doesn’t inherently have a ‘divide and conquer’ style system. It does have a rack that can hold deflectors at 2 positions underneath the main grill. My plan is to use a half moon deflector on one side and a half moon grill on the other side to basically get a low direct grill and a higher indirect zone on the main grill. Problem I have is that the half moon grill needs to be 36-38cm diameter an
  13. Just an update. It’s all still going strong for me. Ditched the electrical tape, used those plugs @pittmab got in the daisy wheel, and used some silicone based lubricant in the daisy wheel to stop air leakage - works well. combined with the ynni kick ash basket for 25” kamados, two half moon 38cm ceramic deflectors and a pizza stone, I’m nearly done. all I need now is a 38cm half moon grill, and I’m close to pulling the trigger on a 49.5cm half moon grill to set up a two level direct and indirect system. Cant find that 38cm grill anywhere though!
  14. Set up looks really good @pittmab and for under 2 ton it is incredible. It’s totally weird that I also bought what look like exactly the same tube caps to plug the vent holes as well! I ended up putting a layer of the same rubber tape I used before around the ribs to give it a better seal. But the whole things working well. Your chicken looks tremendous - what’s the rub?
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