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  1. I did end up purchasing it for $2600. It's being delivered this week sometime. Scrambling to try and get a table thrown together before that so it only has to get moved once...
  2. Thanks for the feedback and pics, super helpful. I personally never minded the wait time - it's perfect for drinking a beer and generally not doing what I do all day, which is sit at my desk in front of a couple screens with a phone attached to my ear. I'll keep the old Weber kettle around for good measure, but I don't think it'll come to that unless it's something like a couple hot dogs down by the pool...
  3. Zero plans to move it once a table gets built, so not too worried there. I'd settled 100% on a Big Joe already, but like I said, I can have this tomorrow vs. months from now. Coming previously from a Primo Large, which was 300 sq. in. of cooking area - I always felt like I wanted something a little bit larger next go round. Granted, this is....bigger.... I full agree that it's likely overkill, but I also don't think it's insanely unmanageable. Again, if I was paying sticker there's no way I could justify this, but if it's the same price as the Big Joe....
  4. That's a fair point, but I already grill 3-4 nights a week anyway, so I can't imagine it's that much more hassle? Couple lumps of charcoal more here and there? I'm content to sit and sip another beer while that tank of a grill heats up. Overkill for two burgers? Dang right it is. I think the selling point to me is having it now instead of whenever stock decides to show up, which I'm told could be well into September.
  5. Been hemming and hawing over a Big Joe 3 over the last couple months to replace a Primo that got destroyed during an unfortunate moving incident last year. Paid a visit to the local grill store and I've got the opportunity to pick up a Big Joe Pro for the same price as a Big Joe 3, and get it now instead of waiting 1-3 months... I'd been planning to put whatever I got into a table, so having a stand and attached side-tables is a non-issue for me. So my question is this: is there any reason NOT to make this purchase? I would not consider purchasing the Pro if I would be paying full price. From what I can see, the only difference is the lack of stand and side tables, a few more shiny parts and about $1000.....
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