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  1. I am looking to buy the vortex for my vision kamado. Depth from bottom grate to cooking grate is 9" but could go to 11". Trying to figure out if I need the smail or medium vortex? Some things I read is the medium may take up to my space and create to much heat at the grates instead of doing the convection type cook. Anybody else use the vortex and have a recommendation?
  2. So I need to tell a little story, about a year ago I purcahsed a bunch of equipment from BBQ lsand in Tempe AZ. One of the items purchased was my built in Louisiana Estate 860 BI, a cooler, storage doors and other items. The Bad, The Lousiana Estate 860 BI gave me problems from almost the beginning, from a fault temp probe, defective digital board to another replacement temp probe and countless fires from the grill I had issues with the pellet smoker. I could not tell you how many meals were ruined. Next time I need a pellet smoker I will go straight to Greem Mt. Grills. The Good. Everyone at BBQ Island and their 3 locations. They helped me all of the way with the issues and was able to help me get a replacement grill when the grill just would not work right. Steve Averett specifically was awesome and I could not ask for more. They have a customer for life not because of the products they sell but because of the employees they have there. I just thought I would share in case anyone in the Phoenix AZ market needs a grill or grill accessories in the future.
  3. I had my first cook using my Anova Precision and Grillgrates to cook Costco ribeyes on my Vision Kamado. I have to say they were the best Ribeyes I have ever had. They were not kidding how even the cook was through the entire ribeye and the grill marks were outstanding. Can't wait for my next cook.
  4. I know, I know this is the Kamado site but I do have some questions. Still got my favorite my Vision B kamado I have had for 6+ years but recently added a Louisiana Estate pellet smoker to my outdoor cooking. Been using both quite a bit. The Lousiana has been great for set and forget cooks but it is clear that the Kamado provides far more smoke flavor to my food. I like to slow cook my steaks on the pellet and than reverse seer on the Vision as well as other cooks. I was wondering if anyone has a similar set up and has some ideas and thoughts about using both for the same meals.
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
  6. I just picked up another bag of this from my Costco here in Phoenix. I use this all the time, never got a bad bag and yes it will come with some "logs" but as another mentioned I will use one of those when doing a long cook. For the size and price you can't go wrong.
  7. I am searching the internet to attend a BBQ cooking school and can't seem to find anything for what I am looking for. Everything I see is either a 1 day or a 2+ day classes. I am really looking to do a 4-5 day hands on class. Does anyone know of one or having attending one that you would recommend?
  8. SCTDG35 explain to me how the heat gun works? I assume it is just very hot air coming out of so then how does it light the lump?
  9. I just saw the ET732 on sale at Amazon for $50.00. http://www.amazon.com/Maverick-Et-732-Remote-Smoker-Thermometer/dp/B004IMA718/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391002770&sr=8-1&keywords=maverick+et+732
  10. My wonderful wife got me a Himalayan salt block for Christmas. Has anyone used one on their Kamado? I have heard that using them on the Kamado can damage them due to all of the smoke and how porous the blocks are. is that true? Does anyone have a great recipe to cook on one of them?
  11. Picked up a 7.8 lb packer from Costco. Trimmed and dry rubbed last night. Started cooking at 6 am and holding at 240. Looking forward to a great dinner tonight. Galaxy SIII
  12. John, just want to say thanks for sharing this recipe. Cooked 6 lb of salmon last night for a dinner party and nobody wanted to touch the Pork because the salmon was so good. This was the best salmon dish I ever made. One thing different I did though was cook the salmon on cedar planks.
  13. Thanks for all of your feedback guys. Still not sure which way I am going to go yet. John, there is a liquidator here in Phoenix that is selling the Lil Tex Elite for $380.00 so I may be looking at that one real soon.
  14. So I have had my Vision since March and I love it. I have about $500.00 to spend for another one now and looking at simply an electric smoker. Looking at the following Traeger - Masterbuilt and Cookshack as potential buys. Does anyone have one of these smokers and Pro's and Con's of the units? I always appreciate the feedback I get from the site.
  15. I am looking to purchase a 1/2 plate for my Vision. Any suggestions on which one to buy?
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