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  1. If you do please post details of the one you get and your thoughts on it.
  2. @ianfld Not sure if you resolved your problem, anyway I bought a 24" Kamado from Costco UK this summer, I'm very much the novice but thought a picture of the volume of large lumpwood I use might be of interest, . 30 minutes after lighting with top and bottom vents fully open and it was sitting at 400 degrees C.
  3. Not bad Toby, still experimenting I'd say. I would echo Highlander's comment below, this thing REALLY holds it's temp well, if you over shoot by a decent margin it takes a while to bring it back down.
  4. Costco delivered my 24" Grill on Friday, I managed to rope the Wife into helping me lift it onto the trolley. I'm planning on doing a "run in" cook this week.
  5. Yes, it's Billy Bremner. I'm afraid to report I've misspent my time there man & boy. Costco deliver tomorrow afternoon, Covid dictates I'm relying on the wife to help me assemble a 24" Kamado. A low temp cook to run it in and I'm then ready to start experimenting.
  6. I've spent more time there than is healthy for any individual
  7. I also purchased the Louisiana 24" grill from Costco UK & I'm currently waiting for delivery. A big thanks to the guys who have contributed on this thread re modifications they've made and sources for UK accessories. I'll be taking some photographs of the Kamado once it arrives.
  8. That's a really great resource & just what a newbie like myself requires, thank you. When I opened your link I recognised John straight away from a series of his youtube videos I've been watching recently.
  9. I have a quick question, I see board members detail the type of grill they have on their profile. So here is my question, I bought the 24" Louisiana Kamado from Costco, do I select Pit Boss or other?
  10. Hi to all board members from Yorkshire England, lockdown restrictions here means cooking for freinds in the garden seems like an even better idea than usual so I put my hand in my pocket and coughed up the cash for a 24" Louisiana Grill Kamado from Costco. I stumbled across this site will doing some Kamado research so I'm already indebted to the site's contributors, thank you.
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