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  1. Okay, I think the autotune dialed it in just right. 036 P 5.4 ( I changed it to 3.2 which seemed to do a little better. I 1401 D 350 Souf .8 Ot005 After taking my brisket off the smoker this morning I shut her down. I just went back out and re-lit the fire and let the Auber bring it up to temp and it brought it up to temp perfectly and is holding steady within 3*. Again this is with the 20cfm and the ash pan lid sealed with factory gasket and nomex.
  2. Well for some reason tonight it doesn't seem to be as dialed in as it is fluctuating....
  3. I'm pretty sure the fan size was the issue as well. Now that I have it set it holds pretty steady, in fact it has held dead on within 1* everytime I've checked it. Since changing the codes I have not seen it overshoot but 1* for only a few short seconds. With the 20 cfm fan and those codes on my akorn, once the temp got within 40 or 30* of the target temp the fan would start doing little short puffs to bring it up until it slowly reached the target temp. IrvinF, based off of that one run I don't think it is to big, just had to be dialed in as it worked great afterwards. I plan to do the auto test just to see what codes it gives as a comparison to the ones I came up with. As we both know mine will likely differ from yours because of the fan size and tightness of the grill. I did recenltly add nomex for the lid gasket to rest on as well as on the ash pan. I also took the ash pan appart and ran some red RTV around the inside edge as I had a few small cracks. Base on the past years cooking, I don't think it was needed but I figured if I was doing one mod I might as well go ahead and do all as it didn't cost much more or take much longer. Just a note for others on the RTV as I've seen some sugest the copper, I've read on the net where others have e-mailed the manufacture of the RTV about food safty of the RTV and the companies response was that the red RTV is the only one that has been NSF certified. http://www.barbecuebible.com/board/view ... hp?t=19166
  4. I upgraded my probe as well when I ordered a few weeks ago thanks to your post. I ordered the SYL-1615SYS-XLG w/ the 20 cfm fan so that it can run on my Akorn, my off set, and my dads XLBGE. I cooked a BB Sat. for Easter Sunday lunch. It started out a little ruff as I didn't know what to expect and it overshot the temp. I had a lot to get done before Sunday so I just ran the Akorn without it while I cut grass and etc. Once I was done with my work for the afternoon I turned my attention back to the Auber and Akorn. After putting it on it kept overshooting and dropping low so I adjusted the values to what was provided in the op. For some reason the changes didn't seem to help much. It could have been that they didn't work or it could have been that I didn't know what to expect so I panicked a bit, such as the temp dropping after the fan ran more than a few seconds. It seemed like the more it ran the more it dropped and then it would overshoot once the fan would shut off. I went to beaten my head against the wall and was about ready to sling the unit and akorn across the yard about midnight, as it was after 9 before I was able to turn my attention to the auber unit. After reading hear, the auber manual, and my own research I made a change to the 0036 codes that seemed to dial my akorn in with the 20 cfm and didn't cause it to over shoot a single time. One time during the night the temp dropped below 195 for some reason but by the time I rolled out of bed and made my way outside the temp was back up to normal ( think my drip pan overflowed causing some coals to go out and the auber was able to keep the fire going). The next day I dropped the temp before going to Easter Services and it brought it down to 215 without a problem. After services I brought it back up to 225 without an overshoot, 245, then 275, and 300 all to test the amount of control the auber had on the unit. It seems to be dialed in great and gives little puffs frequently to keep fire lit and temp maintained without long runs of the fan. I used the 0037 codes from the first post. I changed the 0036 codes to: P 1.2 I 500 D 125 Souf 1.0 ot 005
  5. I'd make my wife mad if I could find one of those on sale real cheap...
  6. I have this smoker and like it for family get togethers. It is a babysitting smoker. It comes with two cooking racks however I never used the top rack so I put it in the bottom of the main chamber for charcoal and cooked ~50 thick cut pork chops for a get together and it made a great grill. Athens Ga AS doesn't have any...
  7. Interesting, looks like I need to talk with them a little more about it... Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Not an expert here but the 20 cfm might be too big for the CKG - the size I use is the 6.5cfm That was my concern as well and I questioned there sugestion of the 20 cfm ( I told them what I had and that I was looking for something that could pull double duty) and they said they use the 20 in a large BGE with no problems. They stated that the force of the air flow was the same or less due to the fact that the opening for the air flow was larger than on a smaller cfm unit. It also seems like another member here used the 20 cfm as well, IIRCC
  9. I'm leaning towards getting an Auber with the 20 cfm fan to use on my CKG and off-set smoker.
  10. Did you put your stone into a already heated grill? Alway try to have your stone heat up with the grill. This is what happened 5 seconds after I put a room temp floor tile into my 250 degree kamado. No, it was put on when the fire was lit.
  11. So now you can make a lot of little indirect zones?? :D I am sure these are not held to any type of quality standards. I first got this stone and used it under the cheap metal pizza pan before I got the smokin stone. Kind of like a heat sink. It was in there for 14 hours @ 250* so maybe it cured it some. Then again it may break the next time i use it. BluesDaddy, I am not where I can measure it but I think it is between 1/4" and 5/16". not very thick. lol It seems that some hold up and some don't. It takes a little more $$$ to get consistent quality.
  12. I have that one and is cracked on the first cook and broke in half on the second. I now use it to create direct/indirect zones and to add a little mass to retain heat while smokin in my CGK. On my last cook (ribs) one of the halfs split in half.
  13. Friday afternoon around 4pm I ordered a smokin stone and thermometer and it was under the carport at lunch today. That pretty good service considering Monday was a Holiday.
  14. Will you do any over night cooks? I plan to let my butts, briskets, and etc cook over night so I ordered the Char-Griller remote thermo so that it can wake me up if the grill needs tending during the night.
  15. Doing good, very little leaks and cooks great. I haven't had any problems. I do have a cover for it but it stay uncovered most of the time as I'm cooking on it as much as I can and it stays under a covered deck.
  16. This is how I cook mine now.
  17. Sounds like you let the fire get to hot before regulating the air flow which created a large bed of coals that needed plenty of air flow to keep from snuffing out. I've done it once and learned from it that the key is once the coals are going to start cutting back the air flow. I cooked several butts over night and only got up once at 3 am to check the temp and then only an 1/8 to 1/4 inch adjustment was made and I went back to bed.
  18. I think he's wanting to use the CGK grate in the BGE so that he has the removable center to add fuel.
  19. I've had many a great steaks that came off my dads BGE and one good over cooked steak of my CGK using the above method.
  20. I used this to cook two boston butts last night and it worked great. However, I didn't make a volcano I just filled the charcoal box up to about 2 inches below the weber grate while maintaining a hole in the center. I lit it with half a weber cube. I put it on at 11:20 with the top at ~.75 and bottom at 1.25, stayed stable until 12:30 when I went to bed, I checked it at 3:20 and the temp was ~210 so I adjusted to 1 and 1.5 and went back to bed, around 6 the wife was up with the kids so I had her check the temp and it was ~250 so I let it be, and I got outta bed at 8 and the temp was ~250 and the probes read 201 in the biggest one and 206 in the smaller one. That is about as simple as it gets cooking bbq during the night without a controller.
  21. hmmm, that UDS looks mighty familiar...
  22. Looks good, have you ever tried turbinado sugar?
  23. Electric charcoal starter, charcoal chimney, or lighter cubes are all easy and quick ways to get it going.
  24. I've got some ribs going on mine right now and the temp reading I'm getting at my grate is very close to the CGK thermo. At first the CGK was running 30-50* higher and once the temp stabilized at 225 the gap between them closed to a negligible difference. When the lid opens the grate thermo drops to the 120 range while the lid stays around 180-200 range. If a few more runs have the same results I will likely stop using a grate thermometer.
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