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  1. Hello all, noob here. Is there a difference with using a cast iron / pizza stone / SS pizza plate as a diffuser? Also, if using the stone or ss plate do you have to wrap it in aluminum foil ? thanks
  2. my pizza stone broke after I smoked my first brisket. would the cost to make this cheaper than purchasing CGS spider $25+shipping ?
  3. nice DIY! thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks, I'll prob get the spider too. did you break off the handle of the cast iron ?
  5. I have the same issues. Can't get the temp to stablize to 250-275 only 325! so frustrating.
  6. i have a Vision B Classic and wondering if this would be good to use as a deflector for smoking. Can you tell me which spider did you end up buying (Woo Spider?) thanks in advance
  7. hi Tracksoup, I'm new here and have a Vision B Classic from Sam's. Can you show a pic on where you put the washers ? I can't seem to get a constant 250-275 on my grill. It keeps creeping to 325. I suspect it's the ash vent (bottom) and not the vent on top. This will be helpful for me. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Len440, yup, first thing I downloaded : ) thanks
  9. Hello all, from Central NJ. I've purchased my Vision Classic B from Sam's a few years back and have only been grilling regularly and now trying smoking first time. Made a brisket and it came out ok but I couldn't get a steady temp (creeping to 327 everytime; see pics). Stumbled on this forum and it's been a Godsent! Friendly community and tips. My backup is my Weber Gen II E-310 LP for quick grills. I figured that I want to start upping my craft and start smoking more and be the pitmaster of my neighborhood Looking forward to being a part of the community.
  10. Hello all, noob here on charcoal grilling/smoking. I also have an older Vision B classic from Sam's club a few years back (older version). I did a brisket first time and although it came out okay I had issues with getting to the 250-275 temp. The temp keeps creeping up to 325 even with both vents top/bottom closed. I contacted Vision and they said that it could be me felt seals that needs changing but the Vision is barely used so I don't think that is the issue. I also did the dollar bill and the dollar stays taught and doesn't come out when I pull while dome is closed. I suspect the window vent at the bottom is loose and want to try Chris's method (nibblemethisDOTcom) of gluing ball bearings on the corners. Has anyone tried that and are there other hacks for this? Also, I noticed the red seal around the outer vent box is that the jb weld adhesive? My other concern is that the top vent gets a bit stuck when I'm trying to adjust from 1-2-3 while the grill is hot. Is this the expansion that is mentioned? My top vent's whole unit turns when I try to adjust the 1-2-3 and I have to use mitts to hold the bottom piece while I tap on the top gently to move it to 1-2-3 is that normal? Sorry for all the questions. If I can only get a low and hold temp on my Vision B Classic, I would ditch (well actually store) my Weber Gen II gas grill). : ) Thanks
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