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  1. I am a huge fan!! I am buying a second FB2 for my original KJ that lives at a cabin in the woods!
  2. Can’t find RO near me right now. Grabbed some Wicked Good and have been very impressed so far. My expectations were low but I needed something. Fast light, high heat, low ash, and long burn. I think I’ll stock up for the winter!
  3. So I asked KJ and they said there was no Teflon on sloroller. I agree with the if it isn’t warped badly don’t worry about the finish, it is for the showroom floor. No finish won’t alter your cook. The finish comes off on all of them eventually, mines coming off after a handful of low temp cooks.
  4. Going to do a sirloin tip roast for dinner tonight. Going low and slo but may want a sear at the end. Due to temp limits on slo roller, do you remove the sloroller to get up to temp and sear?
  5. Daver

    NO Teflon!!

    Sooo going back to my original post KJ indicates that it doesn’t have a Teflon coating so the concerns SHOULD be unwarranted in this application. I am not sure why you would apply Teflon to the sloroller unless it was going to be used as a cooking surface. If you are concerned we all have had some some great cooks with our old divide and conquer!!
  6. Mine wedged in the tracks pretty well. A small gap on top. I used the small/ medium plate on the fan.
  7. Daver

    NO Teflon!!

    So John had indicated the the sloroller has no Teflon yet I see it in ads for the grill. While John is the guru not everyone may have seen his post. Here is the response from KJ: The sloroller is not teflon coated but it is heat tempered up to 500 degrees. Hope this helps. Have a great day.
  8. I have a KJ 3 classic. Not sure how to install the fireboard fan...does it require the adapter plate? Does it go in the slides or in the grill. It doesn’t seem to be a great fit
  9. I think John suggests putting it up on the built in dome thermometer probe. Logic is, things on the grill may affect the the temp if your probe is on the grate. Not 100% sure on this info but I seem to remember that. Other option is use the clip on the grate and put your probe there.
  10. Duh. I found it. Sorry
  11. hi all. The classic 3 is due at noon. Yeah!!! John had a care and maintenance video he did for Atlanta grill co. I can not find the video or link, anyone have a hint? thanks!!!
  12. “Unless you're running at-or-below 250F, as in the example, the lower setting is too hot, and can start cracks. The point was you can still sear meat when running in low-n-slow mode. “ Upper grate as in KJ 1 or 2 right?
  13. Welcome! I’m a big fan of kamado joe. I have a classic 1 at a cabin and am waiting for delivery on the classic 3 at my home. The price from the original to the three will vary greatly but any of them will serve you well. If you entertain a lot or have a large family consider the big joe. Enjoy the ride!
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