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  1. Thanks guys. BBQ Guru rib rack looks to solve the rib issue. My guess is a full packer would need to be split flat from point which I’d be ok with. The other downside to the 19 looks to be related to the rotisserie options. Looks like Dennis only made a 6” cradle for the 19 where the 22 has the 8” option. The 8” would be nice for turkeys and rib roasts. 

  2. Planning an outdoor kitchen and I have gone back and forth on different Kamados. My gripe with most is quality issues and I have seen this from all the big 3. My question for you guys, can the 19 TT handle everything from daily cooks briskets, ribs for a family of 4? Or would the 22 be a better choice? The grate size of the 19 vs 22 seems so close, from what I can gather is the height of the 22 is the biggest difference.  

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