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  1. That looks absolutely AMAZING! You could open up your own pizza shop!
  2. I did dry it out well and was rewarded with crispy skin, thanks!
  3. I may do the deflectors and reserve sloroller for low and slow, makes sense. Thanks!
  4. Sounds good, thanks! Kosher salt seems to be great for all cooks, regardless.
  5. Thanks for your response, I will absolutely do the veggies as well!
  6. Thanks, appreciate the comments. It’s been in the fridge with a dry rub since this morning.
  7. I want to try a spatchcock chicken tonight on my KJ Classic III and would love to have crispy skin... welcome your comments Sloroller Direct or Indirect with heat deflectors? I’m guessing 400-450. About an hour? Thanks in advance!
  8. FYI the Leesburg, VA roadshow originally scheduled for 25 September- 3 October is postponed; new date TBD. Glad I called before making the trek to Leesburg! Costco really should do a better job of updating their website.
  9. Hi John — great video! Question — Do I need to wrap the baby backs? I need to cook 2 racks of baby backs and 1 rack of spare ribs. I was thinking low and slow with my SloRoller, but I don’t want to overcook the BBs. I like doing the spare ribs as you did on your “beginner” video for spare ribs (no wrapping) which was about a 5 1/2 hr cook; I’ve used it twice and it was phenomenal. Can I do the BBs the same way if I put them on 1-2 hours after the spare ribs? Welcome your thoughts.
  10. That looks delicious! Well done. What temperature and for how long?
  11. That is definitely a fabulous resource that I’ve already used many times over. I should print and bind it! Thinking of starting my own notebook to document my cooks so I remember what works!
  12. Nicely one! Congratulations. It looks fantastic! I too wish I had skills & tools to make attempt that.
  13. That is fabulous — I’m new to Kamado cooking and already considering a second one (second Classic or Joe Jr.??). I would love to have a table like that to house both. Great work! Happy grilling!!
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