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  1. FYI the Leesburg, VA roadshow originally scheduled for 25 September- 3 October is postponed; new date TBD. Glad I called before making the trek to Leesburg! Costco really should do a better job of updating their website.
  2. Hi John — great video! Question — Do I need to wrap the baby backs? I need to cook 2 racks of baby backs and 1 rack of spare ribs. I was thinking low and slow with my SloRoller, but I don’t want to overcook the BBs. I like doing the spare ribs as you did on your “beginner” video for spare ribs (no wrapping) which was about a 5 1/2 hr cook; I’ve used it twice and it was phenomenal. Can I do the BBs the same way if I put them on 1-2 hours after the spare ribs? Welcome your thoughts.
  3. That looks delicious! Well done. What temperature and for how long?
  4. That is definitely a fabulous resource that I’ve already used many times over. I should print and bind it! Thinking of starting my own notebook to document my cooks so I remember what works!
  5. Nicely one! Congratulations. It looks fantastic! I too wish I had skills & tools to make attempt that.
  6. That is fabulous — I’m new to Kamado cooking and already considering a second one (second Classic or Joe Jr.??). I would love to have a table like that to house both. Great work! Happy grilling!!
  7. First of all, huge kudos to you on your fabulous table! It is a work of art that is highly functional. Well done! Seriously?? So sorry to hear someone stole your KJ Jr. set up — that stinks!! I’d be upset about it too.
  8. I absolutely understand where you are coming from and was actually thinking along those lines myself. So far I’ve had highly successful cooks (ribs, pork butt, high temp chicken, reverse seared 3” porterhouse, burgers, sausages and assorted veggies). I kinda like the challenge of managing the temps and “being one my Kamado”. I have my KJ on my elevated deck and as of now, I’m not so comfortable with an overnight cook (with or without a temp controller). I’d rather suck it up and get up very early to start the process and monitor it as necessary. Really appreciate your comments!
  9. Thanks for your input. I am leaning that way based on everything I’ve been reading and watching on YouTube. Happy grilling!
  10. I realize this topic started over 3 yrs ago, but it’s great and always relevant, especially for a novice like me. I always look for FAQs. Keep adding on! OR has it been overtaken by the individual topics?
  11. @len440 Thanks for the welcome and my first cook was spare ribs and they were amazing! Fam loved them!
  12. That is a thing of beauty! Thanks for sharing. The Joetisserie Is on my wish as well.
  13. Okay, the more I read, the more you are all convincing me that this is more of a necessity than a luxury. Still not sure FB2 v. Flame Boss 500. Thoughts? Pros/Cons? Also, (and this is a rookie question) the way these are installed on the KJ Classic III are there any clearance issues if KJ is in a grilling table instead of the stand? I hope to eventually get a grill table...
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