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  1. This was my first time at a long cook. If I want to long cook at 225 do I let temp get to 225 then start to close vents? I am still unsure about when to start closing vents and how long to wait before putting the meat in. How long should I let fire burn BEFORE closing lid? I almost close it right away but leave vents open for a while. Is this wrong?
  2. Why do you think temperature came down overnight? Fire was solid when I closed lid and temp was 230 for 15 straight minutes before I went to sleep.
  3. I got temperature now up to 250 degrees. Is it okay to continue with the cook or should I throw it away?
  4. I decided to try to smoke a pork butt overnight. I started at 10pm with lump and temp was steady at 230 degrees at 10:30pm. When I woke up at 8:30am the temp was 150 degrees and pork butt was at 130 degrees. Should I throw it out or is it safe??? There was still smoke coming out the vent. Should I have taken into account lower temperatures at night and opened both vents a bit more as ann adjustment?
  5. I have KJ Classic 2. I have smoked meats for 8 hours but I would prefer to do it overnight. I am using lump charcoal. If I get it to 250 degrees at 10 pm will it keep temperature until 10 am the next day?
  6. I am new to my Kamado Joe Classic 2 and truly enjoying. I do have some questions about cleaning it. My metal ring that goes around the firebox is extremely dirty. Should I clean this with water and soap? Or with something else? Should I be cleaning the cooking grates or just removing as much burned food as possible?
  7. Which vent is best used to control temp? Do you always adjust one or the other? Or both?
  8. Temp still creeped up. I now have top and bottom barely open. The bottom one is barely open at all. Is this normal?
  9. I have been using y KJ Classic 2 for a few weeks now and really enjoying it. Today I am smoking a pork butt and trying to maintain 250 degrees F. It keeps creeping up to 300. I open the lid to lower temperature and slightly close the bottom and top vents. I now have top and bottom open 1/2 inch. Is this normal or is it supposed to be hard to maintain very low smoking temperatures?
  10. I may not have enough charcoal in the grill as you say John. I will try using more next time.
  11. I am a first time user (KJ Classic 2) and bought both briquettes and lump to compare. I am having trouble getting briquettes over 300 degrees. Is it possible that the many smaller pieces are preventing air flow through the grates?
  12. Is it okay to throw cardboard (like from Amazon boxes) into the Kamado Joe along with charcoal?
  13. I am brand new to Kamado cooking and have a question about cooling down after use. The Kamado youtube channel says that you should cool down by completely closing the lower vent completely and closing the top damper ALMOST completely. I see many users closing both completely. Should the top damper be closed completely or or not closed all the way to cool down after use?
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