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  1. It has the same thing. Classic 3 is basically a smaller version of the Big Joe 3.
  2. Mine came in a separate box with the box being slightly crushed. There was a small scrape in paint on one of the legs, but overall the stand and casters were fine.
  3. Is this any different than the charcoal basket included with the Classic 3?
  4. Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a Chinese top?
  5. Amoeba


    Per @John Setzler
  6. Per their warranty, legally they only need to support purchases from authorized resellers. That said, from my reading on this topic, it seems like they will help you regardless.
  7. I think Vision Grill is a different company.
  8. I gotta admit, putting together that firebox was definitely the most difficult part of putting the grill together. The plates kept popping out from the steel ring. I even rubbed one of my knuckles raw. Is it ok to clean a couple of blood stains off using Lysol wipes from the ceramic plates?
  9. Your caution is definitely understandable.
  10. I am curious, does this type of cooking happen? I don't think I have ever cooked with direct and indirect heat at the same time on a grill. For a kitchen range, I totally get having and using different types of burners, but with grilling, I always cook things one way and when I finish, start cooking another way.
  11. Is the bracket flimsy enough that lifting with it will break it?
  12. I finally received my Classic 3 this morning and will be assembling it later. I have been watching YouTube videos regarding assembly and wanted to ask about the part where me and another will be lifting the grill and placing it on the stand. Is it OK to lift it using the brackets that the shelves will later hinge on or is that not recommend? If it isn't recommended, how should we lift it? Thanks!
  13. Amazon had a few this morning. Purchased one and it should be freight delivered to a room of my choice this upcoming Tuesday.
  14. Thank you for the incredibly valuable reply, really appreciate!
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