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  1. I saw that in Lidl a few months back and had to do a double take at the price. Amazing what you find in that middle aisle! Wasn’t sure if it would be any good at that price but nice to hear you’re satisfied. As for the heat deflector, could be a bit difficult given the unusual size but I would recommend it, I never cook without mine now even if I’m cooking burgers, just gives you more control. Don’t know where you are in the UK, my go-to store is BBQ Barn in Sidcup, SE London but they have a website as well.
  2. There are some good videos out there but remember that these are opinions, albeit from people who know what they are talking about, rather than hard and fast rules. What works for one person might not work for another. Personally I find I get better results using heat deflectors even for things like burgers and steaks and I probably go for a lower temperature than some people advise but that may just be inexperience
  3. Hi Mark, I got a bag of Globaltic Premium Lumpwood when I bought the grill, recommended by the shop. Good big chunks and gives a good smoky flavour without adding any smoking wood. I bought another bag last week. Cost £20 for 10kg which seems to be par for the course for decent stuff. I had some B&Q lumpwood left over from an old barbecue and used that up first but noticed the difference straight away with the Globaltic.
  4. It’s basically a KJ Classic 1, all KJ accessories fit but there are supply issues in the UK at the moment. Great value, £270 cheaper than the KJ and you can add a d&c set for about £170 once they’re back in stock. No ash drawer though but for £100 I’ll use the ash tool! Read up and watch a few videos and you’ll soon get the hang of it, you’ll see where you need to set the vents to hold each temperature and I find it stabilises well but I can’t seem to get it to start as quickly as some people, usually takes me 20 minutes before the pointer is even on the temperature scale with the vents wide open but then it goes quickly.
  5. According to the shop where I bought mine they don’t do ash drawers separately. No d&c rack to be had anywhere in the UK at the moment but expecting them back in.
  6. Hi Richard, yes gasket is felt, can’t see any parts liable to rust. It is basically a Kamado Joe Classic 1 in a different cart without an ash drawer and without the divide and conquer rack but there is a rack and heat deflector.
  7. I think the 330 may be a newer model as the RRP is showing as £699 whereas on other sites for the 300 it’s showing as £629 which is what I paid for mine. Looks the same but I do know when I went into the shop the ash scraper and firebox still had Kamado Joe name on but by the time I got mine they didn’t so maybe that is the new version. It is made in the same factory as the KJ, there are some clues in the box, and it carries the same warranty. Basically it is a Kamado Joe Classic 1 but in black, without the ash drawer, in a different cart and without the divide and conquer rack but I see you can get that as an upgrade from that shop, otherwise you can buy it afterwards. You do get a rack with 3 legs and when you try to fit it into the grooves on the ring you’ll see there are 4 so probably made for the d&c. Heat deflector is in one piece but you can use it as a pizza stone if you buy the half moon ones and the grate is in one piece. For the price definitely worth considering. In short, highly recommended, fun to use and easy to get good results, especially if you watch some of John’s videos. Just remember the temps are in F otherwise you’ll get some interesting results! edit: there was another thread on this further down the page
  8. No, apparently that's the one thing that isn't sold separately
  9. Been reading these forums and watching John’s videos for a while and decided to go for the Kamado Joe Classic. Went to my local BBQ shop as soon as they reopened and ended up with a Masterbuilt Classic kamado which is basically a Kamado Joe classic in black without the ash drawer and divide and conquer but for £270 less and it can take the D&C if I decide to upgrade. Tried a few different things up to now and still finding my way but no disasters yet.
  10. If only we had known then what we know now. Can we start the year/decade over again please?
  11. Ham steak? That had me fascinated but then again the UK and the US are two great nations divided by a common language! We call that gammon and it’s one of my favourites so I’ll definitely by trying that one day and then the pineapple grilled on top, couldn’t be better.
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