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  1. yeah sorry, no experience with the ikamand. Joetisserie is on my list of things I need to buy. I guess it all depends what you like to cook but I think it would definitely be worth it, especially if you can get a good deal for it.
  2. I switched over to Meater+ probes. i like that there are no wires and they can be used with a rotisserie. I also have the fireboard 2 but it gets annoying untangling the wires for all the probes. the fan on the fireboard works really well, but its kind of overkill.
  3. every time you open the dome to check the meat or spray it, you are letting heat out. i dont bother with spritzing, if i want moisture in the dome i use a water pan. Remember "If youre lookin, youre not cookin"
  4. the air lift hinge will make the dome easier to open and close, but it can also hold the dome in any position you want, like half open or whatever. the old heavy dome lid can slam itself closed, i would be afraid it would break something. it is quite a bit more expensive upfront, but if youre gonna be using it forever i dont think it matters that much in the end.
  5. yeah, being able to pick up the basket and give it a shake or two to knock ash and debris out of there is really handy.
  6. Id go with the Classic 3. if only for the 3 tier divide and conquer, and the slo roller. (but there is also the upgraded cart and side shelves) ive cooked a 22lb brisket on my classic 2, i just drape it over a rib rack until it shrinks down a bit. if you end up running out of room on the Classic often, you can always add the Joe jr in the future lol
  7. better air flow than with that metal grate with holes in it.
  8. +1 for the patio you can always buy a pop up umbrella if you need to cook in the rain, and a decent cover for when you arent cooking. i use the XL for my KJ2 https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R4J5A9Q
  9. i guess you could use one of these rad soapstones as a heat deflector, and also cook pizza on it when you want to https://soapstoneproducts.com/collections/pizza-stones
  10. there are honing rods, and also sharpening rods. but most people should stick to stones. rods work, but if you dont know what youre doing you will ruin whatever edge you had on the knife.
  11. i started with a victorinox curved boning knife but i didnt like it, it was too long for me and id gouge the meat as i tried to trim the fat. i ended up with a japanese petty knife. Sugimoto "Super French Knife" 150mm Petty ~$99 https://store.burrfection.com/collections/petty/products/sugimoto-super-french-knife-150mm-petty And i got a couple "splash and go" sharpening stones. using sharpening stones isnt very hard. just have to work on your technique. but there are tons of helpful tips and videos on the internet.
  12. im switching over to the meater, im tired of dealing with all the wires on the fireboard. and the fan is pretty much overkill for me. yeah the ambient temp reading is quite a bit lower than the dome, probably because of the colder meat throwing it off. but it doesnt bother me much. i really like the estimated time remaining. i dont rely on it but its nice to have. i have the meater+ paired with my phone through bluetooth and wifi. it cuts out occasionally depending on what im doing with my phone, but comes right back on. maybe the meater block is better, but i dont need that many probes. im gonna buy one more meater+ and call it good.
  13. if youre interested, shoot me a reasonable offer.
  14. if youre interested, shoot me a reasonable offer.
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