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    congrats! not sure if you need a cover, but i have one of these and it works well for me. but it doesnt snow in san diego lol. so hopefully it would work just as well for you in the snow as it does for me in the rain. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00R4J5A9Q
  2. sometimes i dont feel like setting up my whole fireboard and fan, so i have 1 meater+ probe. its neat. i like that it can read the ambient temperature from the end of the probe that doesnt go into the meat. 1 probe is ~$100. i found a discount code when i was looking around so it was a little bit cheaper than that.
  3. https://www.fireboard.com/spark/ FireBoard Spark FireBoardĀ® Spark is a highly accurate and fast instant-read thermometer, combined with a leave-in probe port for longer term temperature tracking. Pairing your Spark with the FireBoard Mobile App keeps your temperature data available remotely everywhere you go. WiFi, Bluetooth, and FireBoard Cloud Connected. SyncModeTM is a powerful mode to track other FireBoard devices using Spark as a display. This powerful feature uses the FireBoard Cloud to transform Spark into a beautiful countertop device, making all your FireBoard temperatures available at a glance. i didnt catch the part about it having a port for a probe at first glance. thats kind of neat. if you didnt have a fireboard or a thermapen, it could do a little bit of both for you. but its not a full on pit controller like the fireboard can be. so i guess i can see why they didnt price it closer to the thermapen
  4. they kind of blew it with that pricing. the thermapen is ~$100 i dont see why i would spend $50 more on the spark? pairing it with the fireboard and the app is neat, but for me it wouldnt be $50 neat lol
  5. i like the fireboard, not sure why it wouldnt work on an akorn.
  6. they are heavy, but its not undoable. im no hercules, but i was able to carry my KJ2 by myself. just make sure to take out everything you can to lighten it. i held it by the bottom the the hinge and a gloved hand in the ash door. but there are also "pot mover" straps you can use. might be easier depending on where you have to move it. and the strength of your back. https://www.amazon.com/PotLifter-Gardening-Lifting-Equipment-Ultimate/dp/B002ECFFJ8
  7. this thread makes me not want to post pics of how i set up my fan for some reason i always set mine up, i guess, laying down? with the fan pointing up toward the sky. no idea why i do it that way, but it still works fine. its just after seeing several of these pics i realized my set up is oddball. lol
  8. not exactly sure what model i have, but its very similar. i think it was around $20 at one of the tool stores, HD or Lowes. ive gone through several of the micros, i like weaving things with paracord and i use the micro torch to melt the ends, but i like a small/strong/precise flame for that. so the ones i didnt like became bbq tools lol. i like the cheapo eagle torch, but they break easily. the iroda micro jet was worth the $30 for my uses. would take for ever to light a fire cube though
  9. i light my cubes with a refillable butane micro torch https://www.bernzomatic.com/Products/Hand-Torches/Trigger-Start/ST2200T https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B082HWV2FL I wont buy them from amazon again though, ill find something else. I also have one of these torches, but i like the micro torch http://blazerproducts.com/the-big-shot-industrial-torch.html
  10. i missed out on the kickstarter, and didnt want to pay full price so when i saw something similar pop up i backed it. Called the RocketFire. I wont have it until January or February though. but a few people in that thread said they use weed burners lol, so there are definitely cheaper options out there available right now.
  11. mine has gaps on the sides, where the kamado curves. i was debating getting some of the gasket from the vent top and adding it to the bracket, and then shave it down to fit in the gaps. not sure where i read about doing that, but im pretty sure it was a thread on this site some where.
  12. yeah i just bent mine a bit to make it fit better. between the tight fit and sliding the vent door behind it, its pretty sung and holds in place well.
  13. before i got my KJ, i had a weber kettle for 8+ years. the only thing that ever rusted on it were the grill grates, had to replace them a couple times, and the ash catcher was fairly rusty at the end of its life. and like you i hardly maintained it. i was all set to get a weber master touch kettle to replace it, but the wife gave me the ok to spend 4x as much, for my birthday lol
  14. yeah maybe that comparison was a little harsh. as long as youre happy with it and youre able to make some good food, is all that matters in the end.
  15. who wants an over priced akorn? if im spending over $1000 on a kamado its going to be ceramic, not cheap metal that will rust out in a few years.
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