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  1. id assume your replacement has a warranty because its new. so if it broke again youd be covered. but after a year or so i think youd have to buy a new one. i have the fireboard. i love it, havent had any issues with it. but if i didnt have one and I was in the market, id buy a Meater. its wireless so you could use it with a rotisserie.
  2. i let my KJ creep up to temp, usually about an hour or so from lighting the coals to putting on the meat.
  3. id pickle them. ive never smoked them though, sorry no help there lol.
  4. ive bought from Owens several times. I need to get another bag of the honey granules. I love adding that to my rub when i do up chicken.
  5. depends what you want to do. i think using the chimney will start you off well above smoking temps. if you just want to sear it great. but if you are trying to use it to get started smoking meat you will overshoot your temp.
  6. i always give myself about an hour to get the coals going and come up to the temp i want. then i am sure everything is heat soaked, and i can clean the grates easily before i put any meat on.
  7. yeah they are a bit pricey lol. but i think they are well made and worth it. you can definitely find cheaper ones, but they might not last as long. my favorite sayings when it comes to tools and such "buy nice or buy twice" or "buy once cry once"
  8. i use a https://smokeware.com/collections/products/products/new-stainless-steel-drip-pan i wrap the pan in foil so it stays clean.
  9. the 2 briskets ive wrapped in butcher paper have seemed a bit dry. the best one ive done so far i wrapped in foil. for me brisket seems to cook way faster than i intend. i will wrap when the bark has set, and doesnt scratch off. around 170 or so. put a chunk of wood or i use a rib rack, under the brisket. so moisture can roll off and not pool up on top. that might be a reason for stalling.
  10. Been a minute. Here’s what I grilled up for dinner tonight. aloha beef grilled pineapple grilled chilies Not pictured, jasmine rice the beer is pretty good. Not as sour as I like. But it’s tasty.
  11. i also enjoy searing my steak on the sun
  12. stand alone comes with ceramic feet. i had my grill on a few stacked pavers for a week or so until i built my little bbq altar
  13. https://www.fireboard.com/shop/probe-organizer/ i keep mine in a small plastic storage bin also.
  14. Gotta post this in the classified section brotha.
  15. i think it looks good. good medium between super bright default and the dark reader. thanks brotha.
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