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    Food! Built a large brick pizza oven and a variant of churrasco based around a Portuguese iron grill. Own a metal box smoker or two. Thinking of kamado ...
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  1. I am eyeing a second hand older Grill Dome model in an ad. Can anyone identify it for me, please? It is quite a large one: Grill Diameter: 46 cm/18in Dimensions: H 97 x W 66 x D 61 cm (38x26x24 in approx) Weight: 91 kg (approx. 200lbs) I would just like to look at the technical side and reviews. Best wishes, T.C.
  2. Just saying hello from the high northern shore of Morecambe Bay. I think I am ready for a kamado but need to watch this forum a bit. I fancy a decent quality one but need to learn what that means yet. Also, I am limiting my budget - don’t want to spend thousands. Will watch and learn happily. As indicated in the profile I have some experience with cooking with fire and smoke and with constructing “things” such as a rather large pizza oven which I am really proud of. I hope that with your advice the pizza oven will be joined by a tasteful kamado :-) all the best, TC
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