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  1. Yep ditto.....could not get above 400 with colander...needed to drill many holes to aid breathing.....would run out of lump quickly at temps above 300....and I bought the biggest colander I could findPitched it out and made one out of expanded metal......it is ugly but works beautifully for 18 months now I like the basket because it keeps hot coals off the porcelain walls of the firebox and eases clean up....remove and shake out I also ordered another charcoal grate and criss crossed them under the basket I can do about 20 cooks before I clean out the ash pan....and I never remove the pan just scoop out any excess.... To avoid tampering with my bottom seal I line the Ashpan with multiple layers of heavy duty foil and always keep approx one inch of ash down there as insulation This thing will hold 225 for 20+ hrs. Rock solid grill....best I have ever owned After doing the simple mods outlined on this great site...she is a beauty My akorn takes good care of my stomach.....I take even better care of her
  2. I love all 3 of these grills....the Weber Jumbo Joe is a awesome portable grill!
  3. This is a fantastic recipe.....a great way to save money and control salt intake if you love smoked almonds ...you will love this great video as well
  4. Yes LIGHTLY oil after every use using as a diffuser will likely burn off some of the protective veg oil used to prevent rust there are literally hundreds of vids on the net explaining seasoning and maintenance techniques I like to season my cast iron on one of my bbq's after cooking after I have cooked my meal throw a piece of cast iron over the coals or off to the side to season or reseason prevents some of the smoke that happens if seasoning on stovetop or in oven caring and maintaing cast iron is a little more time consuming but well worth it in my opinion once properly seasoned eggs slide around in the pan as good or better than a non stick pan best part is even neglected cast iron pans can be brought back to life easily and cheaply
  5. Will lighter fluid smell eventually burn off with a couple high heat sessions ? If not.....Homer Simpson burgers
  6. exterior paint likely the only thing damaged........the top gasket should have been made out of tougher material....one cook at 700 degrees melts it ?? Poor design IMO.....I have had my akorn at 650 or so for about 30 to 45 min cooking several pizzas for a crowd and it started to smell like cooking paint....cheesy. My akorn has charred handles and it has only been up to high heat approx 5 times... I now only use the Akorn for low and slows...higher heat cooks are done on my Weber kettle until I can get the scratch together for a big joe I have never been comfortable taking the akorn above 500 degrees for any length of time....leave that to the ceramics
  7. By the way the double Dutch makes the best bread you will ever make at home...google no knead bread Dutch oven Simple and fantastic.....
  8. There is only one cast iron brand to consider and that is Lodge that is Made in USA I have used various models of the Chinese pans and they all do not compare to the quality and versatility of the Lodge....the chinese pans i have tried warp easily and It is not because i am mistreating any of my cast iron....in fact I baby all of my cast iron....beside my chef knives my cast iron collection is the prized possession of my kitchen The finish of the Chinese pans I have tried, and there have been several, cannot compare to the Lodge either The Lodge was equal in price as well.....it really is a no brainer All of the lids of the Lodge Logic collection fit all the pans in the line....very handy Once seasoned properly you will not go back to a throwaway non stick pan ever again Get the 12" skillet, combo cooker, 14" pizza pan, and 12" Dutch camp oven, 5 quart double Dutch oven....price will be about 150$ shipped to the door and you will not regret it Support USA jobs at the same time Just my 2 cents
  9. Love crazy big responses....this site has completely changed the way I BBQ thanks to all of the info I gather on here Thanks for taking the time to share
  10. Has anyone had any Ashpan rust due to ash being left in there? I lined my Ashpan with several layers of foil but do not empty more than once a month so far
  11. I am going to buy one anyway slowly switching all of our cookware over to cast iron I find the Made in USA Lodge products to be the best of the ones i have tried smoked chili (thanks John Setzler for that recipe) in the Lodge camp dutch ovens on the Akorn is one of the best meals I have cranked out of this grill
  12. I know it likely will not fit but has anyone tried one of these on the Akorn ? http://www.amazon.com/Lodge-Logic-LPGI3 ... roduct_top
  13. Wow great review thanks for taking the time I was looking at possibly getting a Weber Jumbo Joe for the beach but now that I have seen this.....I need one
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