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  1. My wife #### the bed about the price of the first one, might go joe jr though, bit nicer on the purse and ‘we need one for when we go camping or to the beech’
  2. Cheers for the replies, maybe I’ll chuck the majority in the oven and do a few testers on the grill, think with a chicken it’d be fine as the cook time isn't as long as a beef joint. I was hoping to rotate the beef forwards towards the veg so it’ll encourage the drops towards the potatoes rather than the fire. it’s a joe 3 so have the split divider to bank the coals so that’s no problem
  3. Hi there, new poster and kamado joe user. Was wondering for a bit of help on cooking some roast potatoes on the grill rack on the middle shelf of divide and conquer using the heat deflector plate under to stop them burning. Whilst I spin a beef joint on the joetisserie. here’s a pic of the set up I’m thinking of doing. Obviously woth the joetisserie sat on top would it work or should I just do the veg in the oven and admit defeat? looking to do this Sunday so would love your feedback if anyone has tried a method similar
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