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  1. 15 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:

    +1 for everything said above.


    Also, 290° was not a bad place to be either except for the fact that you were committed to one of those ungodly formulas. I hate those things... :-D:-D:-D



    Any tips or recommendations to get me away from that formula?  Point me to some videos/discussions as I have lots of room to learn. I like the low and slow multi stage process because they are very tender. Just wondering how you keep them tender and moist. I know the Kamados retain more moisture so that alone might help. 

  2. Thx for the advice all, after I messed with the temp I thought to myself ‘should have let it be’.  I will experiment with more salt, smoke and not wrapping them. Just wanted to do something I knew I could deliver without fail. I ended up adjusting to those timings because of where my ribs were at the time. The true test for ready is 3 parts for me: bark looks good, bend test and the way my instant read goes in the meat to read ~200. Breaking the cook up like that just let me pay closer attention to the ribs for my first time on a Kamado. 

  3. So I am 3 cooks into my KJBJ, cooked some ribs today at 250-275 dome temp using a 2.5/1.5/.5 process. My question for the group is what to do after the temp drop due to adding meat. It dropped from 270 to 230 and I ended up playing with the settings, after having it dialed in at 270. This caused a spike to 290, which I recovered from and returned to 260. Wondering what everyone does here?  Leave it and it returns to temp?  Fiddle with it and you learn over time?  Later in the cook it returned to temp no issues. 

    Note: the ribs were exceptional!



  4. 6 hours ago, Polar Bear said:

    I've had my BJ go round the dial when i left it unattended for longer than i should have 


    Also, dont bother doing a "clean burn"

    Its a complete waste of fuel

    Instead, just have a pizza night

    600f+ for an hour or more will clean everything just fine and at least you'll get some use out of the lump you've spent 

    Great tip Polar Bear, quick question for you.  I have seen many of the videos and read some discussion here, but the pizza night seemed like something I should know my BJ before getting into.  Did you buy a special pizza stone for this?  Wondering if I can use the one I have been using in my oven for years?

  5. So I had the deflector plates installed in the lower position and was surprised that it kept ~420 on the dome with both vents full open.  I had calibrated the dome thermometer the day before, so I feel good about that part.  Great tip on the lower vs upper position and the difference that can make.  Additionally, I was under half full on the lump when I started it (maybe 1/3rd only).  I think my temp was a combination of the deflector plate positions and my small fire.  I will know more when I open it up later today and see what lump remains.

  6. I have a KJBJ1 and fired it up for the first time using RO w/o a basket.  The pieces of RO were a little small. My intention was to cook some sausages and then go for a clean out burn. My Big Joe was a used buy from someone who did not burn the gunk out as often as I will going forward. I was wondering what temps everyone gets w D&C and deflector plates installed with top and bottom full open?

  7. I have been looking to get into the Kamado world for some time, and have spent the last several months learning about Kamado Joe. I am considering picking up a Big Joe 1 model. This forum has already been incredibly helpful in seeing the common issues (cap & hinge). Hoping to be all setup by the end of the month!



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