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  1. Few Retailers selling @ $969 including the standard cart - will be wait time but hey
  2. Sold now - seller advised that had only been used to smoke twice, so pretty much brand new - but yes was reluctant on warranty + likely too big for my uses - good to see possible prices Costco Roadshow in South Houston in 2 weeks time so will thought to that
  3. I read last year that the classic II's went on sale end of season for around $750 so thinking on that - See a hardly used BJII on sale few miles away for $1000 which might be interested
  4. $330 discount took it to $869 or $969 ?
  5. Scoping out what to buy Have evolved to thinking, will be buying Kamado Joe II, but no rush since everyone seems on a 2 Month back order Likely take it back to UK or South Africa in time
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