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  1. My cast iron grate has almost exactly the same crack as yours ,I have been cooking on it for 4 1/2 years and no more spread . Fire box also has hairline crack . Really if you crossover to the other grill sections ,you will see it happens to the other brands also.
  2. I think it will get better as you use it , really you will have some smoke coming out of the bottom and the top ,they are not airtight. I took my stainless steel top apart and cleaned it. And it did exactly what you are experiencing .
  3. Tarheel , You have 2 people willing to give you shelves at a very low cost ,What I would do is take one of them up on their offer,and when you get them strip down the finish and re -stain and put on some polyurethane a couple of coats ,do your handle at the same time you will lose the vision logo but everything will match , I used all oil based . mine are 4 1/2 years old ,same products I used on my boat .
  4. You first have to pick a way that you prefer to light the grill ,I have used a chimney many times for slow cooks during mainly the colder months ,during the warmer months I use the electric igniter the reason is the grill is by an outlet in the warmer months. Since you were at 350-375 it would take 2 1/2 - 3 hours before you can cover it .If you only put in a small amount of lump in ,then the lump would be gone. If you filled it up to the air holes you should be able to hold 350-375 3-4 hours . The grills are not made to be air tight ,If I cook burgers and close it down ,I will have smoke coming out of both top and bottom. If you want me to help you with the lower temp ,you can p.m. me. Right now I wouldn't be worried ,its a learning curve to it.
  5. I put mine in a bag of rice ,it takes several days but it removes it every time. I still keep this old one running over 4 yrs old.
  6. I have the classic B ,I use both the straight igniter ,and also the chimney ,I like both.
  7. Mine is 4 yrs old It will do the same if I shut it down full of smoke ,Smoke will come out the top vent and bottom vent ,They just are not made to be air tight so nothing to worry about . Mine dose slow cooks just fine . I would try to keep under 500 as much as possible and your wool gasket will last along time,I have cooked hamburgers at 350 heat soaked .I cooked the very thin ones on the upper grate and had them slightly pink in the center ,very juicy .experiment you will be surprised at what it can do.
  8. I have the large chargrill one I fill half full and use that method for slow and fast 8-10 min only I sit it far back as possible to keep from scorching the handle .It will catch some of the charcoal under in the grill as well, like you said spread it out ,doesn't hurt to stir it some.
  9. GS1397 basically you had the air temp at 400 and your heat soak was closer to the 225 area .It takes about 1 hr per 100 degrees ,so that would of been a good 3 hr cool down . As far as the pizza stone that is all I ever use for a diffuser , You can use that pampered chef one on the upper grate which I use there deep dish one up there ,but I would not use it on the lower ,since its made for the house and not the grill I cracked a home style stone .I found a 13 inch brinkman for grills and that has held up good . If using the pampered chef stone follow the recommended temp for it and you will be fine, use brinkman on bottom and your pampered chef on top ,the lower stone will protect the upper stone .
  10. Made these for Valentines day cooked them by instructions on box ,so I have to say fairly accurate.
  11. The thermometers are fairly accurate , the problem is everyone uses the handy clip and clips it to the grate ,for it to read what the vision gauge is you have to have it in the same area you can use a skewer, stick that into the food and use the round end to clip the probe and get it at the height of the vision gauge and it will be much closer. With that said you just have to decide which gauge you want to learn by. I myself use the vision gauge I have the maverick but only use the food probe
  12. I would hang on to them it seems like when you throw something out you wished you would of kept it. They don't take up much space.
  13. I seen pictures on here of even visions with gaskets really bad but still able to hold temp. Really just loosen bands and push lid down and re-tighten be careful not to over tighten or you could damage your grill .Assuming you had enough charcoal loaded it might have been your grate was slightly clogged ,when cleaning load grill with larger chunks on grate first to help keep air flow good, but you should have no problem getting to 500 + ,keep in mind if you go much over that your gaskets will not last very long,with felt gaskets.
  14. I think its working fine, I know that sounds crazy, but if you have too much air leak you can't snuff it out. I had accidently bumped the top vent slightly not even 1 bottom vent completely shut ,and I was still at 225 the next day coming down from a higher temp from the night before. I think you may have some grease build up and you are using it more like a conventional grill. You can use a simple pizza stone just sitting on the lower grate works fine for a diffuser . You can pm me if you want for more help.
  15. You should definitely go for it. Really the air leaks are just getting to understand your grill ,I am sure with the acorn it took some playing around to figure it out. With the ceramic it really holds the heat ,uses slightly more charcoal to get you there ,but once you are at temp it uses very little .If you think about it all the higher end vision grills are built with the electric igniter ,so if it was a real issue they would not build it that way. Sure the door might have some air leakage ,but you simply account for it by the amount you open the knob. Same as with a slider vent they have a lot of play in them.. If it is really leaking your grill will stay lit till it totally burns up all of the charcoal. The grills are not air tight. My grill is going on 4 years now still looks good, taken in Dec, I use the electric or charcoal chimney. Its up to you on the acc. but 2 pizza stones is all I have ever used ,I cook everything from the usual to breads and desserts even nuts .
  16. Really its more of a learning curve,then anything. There not built to be air tight mine too has a lot of play in it . As long as your able to snuff it out and still have unburned charcoal left it is working fine.
  17. Don't worry about the leaks ,mine will be 4 years old in Feb it leaks smoke both top and bottom when closed down, They are not meant to be air tight. I have made everything that I can think of in it. No problems controlling temp. It takes awhile to fully understand it .If your able to shut it completely down ,and the next day have unburned left over ,it is working fine.
  18. I think the felt some what helps keep the cap on as well as the clips .
  19. When I did mine I used a diffuser ,then used a roaster pan to keep all of the juices ,then watched the temp gauge on the grill and kept it to the same temp you would use in the house . I cooked it upside down for half the cook then flipped it for the rest so it was completely brown all the way around
  20. BSA is right about it being a learning curve more then anything ,having the knobs vs the slider doors gives you the feeling that it is as easy to control as a gas grill. Mine is going on 4 yrs this next year and still smokes out of top and bottom ,but does not effect anything ,they are not made to be airtight. As long as you have unburned charcoal the next day I would say it is working like it should.
  21. When I did mine I scraped it with a putty knife ,then sanded it with some 80 sand paper ,then cleaned it with some acetone . I think its best to get it as clean as possible so you don't have any loose spots,now or in the future.
  22. I had to actually google it,it was 3 years ago when I made it Green bean potato chicken bake
  23. I think your ok ,the grills were never made to be air tight. your best test is to shut it down completely,do not open till next day if you have unburned left over your grill is working fine.
  24. I watched a you tube video put out by bbq guys smoking a brisket on a kamado they were using a charcoal chimney to lite there's so I figured if they could do it so could I ,and I have been using it ever since.
  25. I had attached my maverick to an upside fork in the meat and that worked fairly well as far as comparing temp from dome to maverick ,then I came up with a better idea using a cut off metal skewer. Actually now I only use the food side of the maverick ,after 3 years of cooking I pretty much know where it is going to end up,after setting vents as far as temp.
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