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  1. Its on sale at true value on line + free shipping. As far as most common use , it is whatever you can dream up. I have done slow ,pizzas ,steaks ,common Then I have done a cherry turn over sweat potato pie ,breakfast bunt pan sausage eggs biscuits cheese , even a confetti cake. Corned beef and cabbage also , I just keep dreaming.
  2. I Think if you call vision they have a repair kit for the chips . If you think that you may have an air leak it would be on the bottom gasket , I used fish tank silicone and have no issue with the heat that area stays cooler. For controlling temp I always try lower then what I want first .Once the ceramic heats up it is hard to go back down . So if I want 225 I try for 175 and hold it there for a while then ajust up . The stainless steel looks nice and is starting to take on an amber color from the smoke ,and seems to work good for many of us. The only thing might be the electric starter port but I like the charcoal chimminy and propane torch. The closest vision dealer to me would be costco which is 80 + miles from me.
  3. For me as a buyer I don't want to spend any more then 50 percent of what I could buy it new. Menards has it for 219 this week after rebate . since you have some acceseries figure 50 percent of that , and I think you would have a fair price, If only used a few times and looks like brand new you could stay on the high side of that.
  4. Here is what I have been doing, I also have a cheap stone from HD $13 On the first level I have a cracked pizza stone that I use as a diffuser then on the top level I have my cheap pizza stone that I cook on. I just have not purchased the lava stone at this time. So what I would try is moving the lava stone up to the first level if not already there. I cook on the 2nd level with the cheap stone. I know a lot of people like to cook at 600 but for me I like 500-525 and have had good success with that . Tried posting a picture ,but didn't work . My setup looks like kville
  5. Sale so really don't know how long it will last.
  6. I put the smaller stuff on top of the pile. For me to small is dust and ash. I try to use everything.
  7. If you have a snucks grocery store in your area , It was 499 for a 8 lb bag.
  8. You might want to ask the char griller guys on this one . They have cast iron already ,and it looks like a few of them have bought grill grates as well
  9. The shock absorber is a unique feature which prevents chipping of the lid when closing the grill. You may be able to remove it if you want. As far as placement it has to be in the last place the lid will make contact. Maybe try cleaning the grate from the side. For the fire depending on what you are wanting to cook will determine how hot the coals will be.
  10. For pros and cons I would read all the reviews . Home depot has reviews on the s witch is similar and costco has reviews on the classic . Maybe that will help you. I always read the bad ones first.
  11. On facebook they said to contact there customer service and they will help you get the deflect er ,since it is not available in Canada .
  12. Last weekend didn't know about the forum at all , so yes a coincidence . Sunday I had to fire this thing up so pizza last weekend , my wife thought the pizza was good , but maybe paid to much and drove to far for a pizza cooker . Now this weekend a whole chicken , she just fell in love with this grill tonight ,and I have to say maybe the best chicken I have ever ate.
  13. New to the forum ,discoverd this site earlier this week. I had seen the vision on craigs list late Jan had been wanting a kamado type grill. Started researching the vision and seen almost all positive reviews ,so seemed like a good choice . I texted the guy to see how old the grill was ,he said that it was only used twice it was his brothers and he had moved out of state . I asked him if he had any offers and he said no , so he agread on 375 .so I picked up last weekend. I know about the costco prices from the costco reviews ,but for me the closest one is 80 miles + there is a 50 + membership fee which I may only use 1 time so for me this may not be such a bad choice . So far I made pizzas ,going to try a chicken this weekend.
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