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  1. You can use briquettes ,I have done it several times ,the one I like is 100 % natural by full circle ,but I prefer lump .When I use the chimney I fill my bowel as you suggested to slightly above the air holes ,then I light a half full chimney right on top of my unlit charcoal let burn for 8-10 min then dump and spread out slightly,as for the lava stone you use it mainly for cooks under 300 ,the only time you would use it for a high temp cook would be for pizza ,but in that case it will be on the top grate. If you need some help feel free to pm me .
  2. I bought a rack from menards it works well ,but I hated cleaning it ,I found it best to soak first. My newest idea was to roll them and pin it with a skewer,then stand them straight up allowing the smoke to pass threw them. I do this threw the first part of the 3-2-1 process and has worked well for me no extra things to clean.
  3. I would get what ever grill fits your budget ,since you have had the m grill you already have an idea on what to expect. There is a learning curve to these types of grill ,and the problems your brother experienced might be user error. The best test is to snuff out ,do not open till next day ,if you have unburned left your grill is working properly .
  4. I think the best thing is just to use it simple such as burgers then shut it down ,don't check it to see if it is out. The next day then open see whats left,if you have any unburned left ,your grill is fine. My grill is the classic B smoke will come out both the bottom vent and the top vent ,this is normal as the grills are not meant to be air tight. If you go to the vision grill web sight and click on the pro c, then click on the video for smoking ,you will see that is a fairly decent fire, If you do one like that after your 8-10min you have to act quickly and have your smoke wood diffuser drip pan and food ready and shut the vents down to the setting right away, the whole key is not letting the fire box get to hot. Don't help it up, look threw the pin wheel only to check. The grill will get better for shorter shutdowns as grease and smoke build up.
  5. I think before you start modifying ,I would try it again ,this time clean out large chunks first then dump used and ad new up to about 1 inch above air holes ,light your 8-10 min add your wood chunks lava or pizza stone drip pan,I use water add food I use upper level. close lid ,I don't have this model but I would try 2 on smoking on the bottom then set your top vent slightly under 1 ,let it come up to temp on its own do not help it This well take up to an hour . I use the top vent to adjust after that. Do not open the lid ,if you have to peak look threw the daisy wheel. When shutting your grill down again don't peak ,allow 1 hour per 100 degrease.
  6. I know you hate to throw out that kind of money ,but right now you have nothing, if you sold it you won't get much for it ,and if some how storage was some of the cause ,another ceramic grill could end up with a similar experience . So for me I would replace the fire box and keep it. I would also attempt repairing the old one and keep the replacement for later down the road.
  7. I have the classic B version as well ,and do the same exact setup . I had watched a few you tube video on pizzas there were 2 that were made from a grill dealers ,so that was the idea I used. They were both at 475-525 so that is the range I always stay in . So I would try slightly lower first then the 550 ,you can always go higher later ,the 2nd thing you need to do is make sure your grill is stabilized at 475-525 meaning it has been sitting at that temp for at least 1/2 hour .
  8. Here is what I think, if you are able to snuff out your grill and still have unburnt charcoal left ,its working properly,they were never made to be air tight, What I think might of happened is that you underestimated how hot the fire box had got ,your air temp inside the grill was at your ideal 225 ,but your fire box continued to radiate heat giving you the impression of a leak and giving you climbing temps. I can't tell you where to exactly set it since I have the B series . What I do is light it for 8-10 min only close the lid and adjust right away. On mine I set the upper vent just under 1 and the bottom vent only about an 1/8 of an inch of screen showing. I don't wait for the temp to get close ,I just let them come up on there own ,this can take up to a hour to hit 225 and after that point I adjust only the top my adjustment at that point is only a slight bump about a 16th of an inch if needed.
  9. I know this may sound strange but I think it is alright, you said you had it at 450 for a couple of hours so my guess is the ceramic was totally stabilized at 450 meaning the outer shell had also reached that temp. If I was to shut mine down completely at 450 stabalized,I would expect to see no less then a drop of 100 degrees per hour,so it will take at least 3 hours before covering. I will have had mine for 3 yrs next month. I would try a few more cooks before modifying
  10. I am not recommending this but I have moved my grill by myself just the same way you did,but I removed the springs ,left the hinge attached and removed the rings . So for you reattach the hinge and make sure everything lines up, and test ,I then raise the lid and use a pair of vise grips to attach the spring,make sure you have a very good grip on the spring you do not want it to shoot off.
  11. Ray in the first picture I made some brackets, If you do something like this you want to make sure there is plenty of room for expansion as you don't want them to pull or push on your fire box, I have a good 1/8 of an inch on each side . My stone is only 13 inch so it will breath even better then the 14 inch and heat much quicker. I have had no problems with it burning anything on the bottom from being smaller. 2nd picture is with the stone . The 3rd picture is the setup I use most for smoking I just set the stone on the lower grate and my water pan on the stone ,I put my food on the upper deck. 4th picture was are turkey cooked with the stone on the brackets and the turkey sitting on lower grate. The reason for cooking in the pan ,is for the gravy ,I lightly smoked the turkey with one chunk of apple . Back to the first picture you can see what charcoal is left from the cook. I fill my bowl to around an inch above the air holes. For cooking I set my grill for 325 as suggested on the package .
  12. I have the classic b myself ,the grills were never made to be 100% air tight. Which ever model you choose ,when you use it for the first time ,and shut it down without opening to peak,till the next day ,as long as you have unburned charcoal left ,every thing is good. I myself don't own a lava stone and also use a pizza stone as a diffuser . There is a learning curve these grills.
  13. If I was going to do this ,this is what I would do. I have a nesco roaster ,so I would heat that up, then place it on the rack inside of the roaster and transport like that, it would hold some heat for a small period of time.
  14. My thought is similar to yours on the water pan , my thought is that if it drips on your diffuser it will do the same as if it dripped in the bottom of your indoor oven, but outside it will go on unnoticed ,so for that reason I use one,everything still gets charred the same. For the first few months every cook will be an experiment,I would try smaller cooks.
  15. Kurt if you are talking about a torch ,that would be used for plumbing , I myself use mine with a charcoal chimney ,I fill it half full of charcoal and light it threw the holes in several spots. I let that burn 8-10 min. then dump. Kurt I use electric in the summer and charcoal chimney in the winter.
  16. I think you did real good for one of your first cooks. I have never done an overnight cook just for the reason of possible temp swings. I think the party q would be a good idea if more nights are in your future. I myself have never cooked that much at a time ,so really can't answer the stall time. I don't think the drip pan would be a factor,as the drip pan would be as hot as the ceramic ,or possibly warmer since setting right above the fire box. The 225 is more for bragging rights ,if you watch the bbq competitions they run 240-275 , so you were definitely in the range.
  17. A picture of my chicken cook ,as I described up above
  18. Here is what I do I stir my fire to help with the even cook ,but what I do that is different is I cook on the upper deck ,you will still get your grill marks at the 350 range,but now its more like an oven ,so more juicy chops . I do chicken this way all the time.
  19. 1. I too fill mine to slightly above the air holes this will give more then 3 hrs at 350 and more than 6 for low 2. I also use the electric starter for 8-10 min only stir slightly with the igniter to spread out, and actually I do both the same exact way. 3. The only burn time I give is the 8-10 min as soon as I plug it in ,so no extra burn time. 4. I can tell you how to set your vents ,but sometimes it may take the fun out of it. Right now I would try for medium range and if you look at your gauge it does say grill ,so you can do just about anything. Here is what I would do start your grill how ever you like then set the top vent at 1 and the bottom at 3 and walk away for 1 hour then come back and you should be well stabilized ,and now this will give you some idea on a temp setting. Remember once stabilized it is very hard to go back down . 5 It can take about 1 hour per 100 degrees to drop even in the dead of winter. Try to cover the gauge ,I use a cat food can squeezed slightly then plastic bag on handle and remove tables . if you can't cover.
  20. The water pan some like it and some don't ,I myself use it and the reason is to catch the drippings ,if the drippings land on lets say a foil covered lava stone ,it will smoke ,since the grill is outside this will go on un - noticed, but it is the same as in the house if your pork butt dripped on to the bottom of your oven it will stink up your house. So for this reason I use the water pan. I think you did great for 1 of your first cooks, the only thing I would suggest is trying 1 type of food at a time. The dome thermometer is fairly accurate ,the only way to test that is you would have to have a digital thermometer up in about the same area as the dome .The grate will be much hotter. Pork butts are very forgiving ,next time you could even wrap it in foil crank up the temp and still finish it off on the grill. I would say if you were happy with the electric igniter keep on using it.I use electric in the summer out lit about 6 inches from my grill, In the winter its on my deck and I use a chimney.
  21. Kurt if you want to do it on the cheap for now, I myself only use up to 2 pizza stones for everything, they are the brinkman from home depot. $13 each. For a diffuser I simply set one on the lower grate. I can do everything from a searing steaks,to,casserole ,breads,cakes,cookies,to low and slow.more then 50 pizzas. Going on 3 years now.
  22. Kurt If you are able to snuff out your grill and still have unburned the next day ,your grill is working properly,it will take about 1 hour per 100 degrees for cool down . Right now I would hold off on adding the silicone , on a brand new grill. This idea works for me every time for starting , I load grate with larger chunks of charcoal first,to keep from clogging grate. Feb will be 3 years for me, never had a clogging problem..
  23. I have 2 one I store in a bag of rice and the other on the grill, when it happens it will take several days for the rice to remove it ,but it works.
  24. Rex I had watched the video on you tube called smoked brisket on kamado style charcoal grill . In that video they showed how to light the grill with the charcoal chimney, and I seen that it was a fairly decent fire to start with, definitely not lighting 1 spot or 2 ,so I figured if they could do it so could I and they sell grills so they know what they are doing. So yes that was the plan I came up with. In the visions video for s style grill there fire is also fair sized ,I use a half full chimney to start and only 8-10 min ,dump spread out,then shut down the vents.. good luck and let us know if it worked for you.
  25. I looked at the video for the S grill and I would say the setting of 1 on the bottom and just under 1 on top should get you real close. the whole key to it set the vents right away after lighting,and let it come up on its own ,and do not open lid. I included pictures of mine. Mine will hit 225 every time this way .What I would say is buy yourself a small pork butt and go for it . It really doesn't matter if it drifts slightly you are in the zone.
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