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  1. Mike after your high heat cook ,when you shut your grill down,and the next day,or next time you opened it ,if you had un-burned charcoal left ,then your grill is working like it should. The grill was never meant to be air tight ,I am a 2 year cooker now ,and if I was to cook a medium grade hamburger ,one that has a fair amount of grease to it, I will have a lot of smoke with that ,and when I close it down the smoke ,will come out of the top and bottom ,for a few min. As far as the chimney use what ever method you prefer ,There is a you tube video on cooking a brisket by the bbq guys,and they used a chimney to light there grill ,They sell grills . Since you are new to this I would not do the overnight cook yet.
  2. Sometimes when lighting the charcoal I have noticed that it doesn't smell real great. So my suggestion would be to cook at around 350 stabilized , witch would mean the grill has been at 350 for at least 1/2 hour ,Then I would try cooking it on the upper deck without the stone , see how that works.
  3. Betoxyz If you were to do any of the ideas you suggested ,I would do the pork butt ,it is the most forgiving . As far as the advise up above ,it may work for him but most of us prefer to use both vents . Even vision shows the grill being used with both vents. Really my advice would be to practice stabilizing a temp ,and find something you can cook in the med range . The long slow and low cook its easy to dry it out if you get it too hot.
  4. Really its best to keep under or around 500, for pizzas I do 475-525 for steaks 500 , keep in mind that the grate temp is much higher then the dome. At the 500 temp for the steaks you are cooking off the grate as well as the reflected heat ,mine cook in 3-4 min a side.
  5. Here is my guess since you are new to this , you may have been concerned about the amount of smoke coming out of the grill , and thinking that it was burning up , so you simply lifted the lid to check on it. Every time you do that a ton of air goes in increasing your fire each time. I have the b also and I have my top set at 1 and the bottom at 3 right at where 3 starts, and it always lands on 350 every time. I would try again maybe just thighs and legs use upper deck only,and no need for diff user ,If you need to peak look only threw the pin wheel . You will see lots of smoke and your neighbors will be hungry. This will take 15-20 min a side and don't worry if you don't hit 350 exactly ,just adjust your time. I even take my dogs for a walk while cooking chicken . Good looking first cook.
  6. The thing about ceramics ,is that it is unpredictable as to how much it is going to shrink exactly after firing, so you have to come up with an average target ,there is no two exactly alike ,mine has some play also so I too just simply push it back father into the stand, In the winter months I use it on my deck ,with no problems. Hope this helps.
  7. If that works for you,go for it. Here is my opinion, if the bottom vent was meant to be fully open at all times ,there would be a sign in that area that would say this door or vent must be fully open at all times. Also why would they mislead us and calibrate the vent.
  8. I think your starting to understand it ,I hate to see people modifying something ,that really was never broke. Really the whole key to it all is not waiting till the grill hits 225 ,before you start turning it down . With that method you will more then likely over shoot it. Really now that you know where to set your vents ,you won't even have to worry about lighting one lump or two. Last winter I had lit mine, I had a half full charcoal chimney lit ,I had got distracted slightly ,and my 8-10 turned to 15 plus min ,when I looked outside ,it looked like a miniature volcano ,I wasn't to happy at this point since I was doing a low and slow ,I just adjusted my bottom vent slightly less and I was fine. Now I just light it the same ,for high temp or slow.
  9. If your able to extinguish your coals really you don't have anything to worry about. The grills are not made to be totally air tight . If there are leaks in those areas, that are bad you will not be able to put out your grill and the next day you will have no left over charcoal .
  10. I think everyone is trying to help you, what you are describing in your last post ,is that you are simply controlling the air. You still have to learn how to stabilize ,that is where you hold it for a 1 hour or longer. When stabilized the ceramic will be at the same temp as the thermometer .At this point it will take up to a half hour just to drop 50 degrees. Again this will seam like you have leaks since it is almost impossible to get it to drop. This is kinda what happened to you the first time ,Your fire box ceramic was very hot ,and the grill ceramic had started absorbing lots of heat, this is why it appears that you had leaks . You should still try the low and slow idea without food and see how that goes. When fully stabilized ,you said you were at 425 so when you shut your vents completely down it will take 2 hours + before you are able to cover. .Hope this helps.
  11. Forums are good,but they can have you searching for problems that are just not there. Just by reading what you wrote in the first post ,I would say your seals are good even right out of the box, I know you will disagree with me at this time. But I can ex-plane what went wrong. First thing is the control knobs are not going to react like a gas grill. Here is what I would suggest you do ,clean out and start all over, Load larger pieces over the holes in the grate ,then pile on your used charcoal and add whatever new you need to fill to slightly above the air holes in the fire box. have your diff-user water pan meat smoke chunks all ready . Light the grill with whatever method you want have bottom vents wide open and lid wide open , let burn for 8 min only. ,at this time you have to move quickly ,throw your smoke chunks in ,add diff-user water pan ,then food ,close lid ,set top vent at slightly under 1 and bottom vent so you have about an 1/8 of an inch of screen showing . Then you just have to walk away and let it do its thing ,It will take maybe 1/2 hour to 45 min or more. to see where it stabilizes at . You don't have to be at 225 exactly, but next time you will know if you need to open the bottom slightly more or less .Maybe best to experiment with out food .
  12. I always use a water pan In my opinion, just like in your house if something drips in your oven it will produce a stinky smoke, so the same will happen outside it will go on un noticed because there is always fresh air. So I use the water to catch and prevent the stinky smoke from happening.
  13. Mine is about 1 inch ,are you sure that was the vision ? home depot sells another brand other then vision . The holes on the fire box are much smaller then mine and are counter sunk deeper. I guess the advantage to the smaller box would be not as hot to the outer shell ,but would seem to cut down slightly on the cooking space.
  14. I think it would not stick that well and come loose , since you might have to buy all over again it is best to do it right. I assume your buying the nomex gasket ,you won't be replacing that one any time soon. They will last a long time.
  15. The green egg gaskets are much thinner, then the vision . The vision gaskets are almost twice the thickness. I guess its worth trying to adjust since you have already bought and installed .
  16. Assuming that you have the right gaskets, I would loosen both bands and press down evenly, and retighten. If you have the wrong ones you may never get it to seal all the way. With the new gaskets you should be better then you were to start with.
  17. The gaskets could be the problem, if you didn't get the right thickness and width . It is normal to see some smoke come out of the top and bottom of the grill, They were never meant to be 100 percent air tight. Since you have had your grill for some time now both the top and bottom vent are more then likely sealing better then when you first lit it. When I installed my gaskets, I loosened both band bolts ,and pushed down on lid and retightened . Since you were at 350 2 hours for cool down is about right, I have seen a glow in mine before 2 hours later. If you are unable to put out or still over 100 degrees the next day ,you have a problem.
  18. I would say keep using it ,I used this broken pizza stone for over a year I would place the 1 broken section right over the hinge on the lower grate ,good for adding wood chunks.
  19. Really for one of your first cooks ,you should do med cook temps till you learn your grill. As far as the bottom vent ,as long as you are able to fully extinguish the grill it should be ok , It will take several hours to fully cool down. The grill was never made to be completely air tight. Med temp is much easier to hit then low temp ,My suggestion would be to practice trying to hit 350 ,and holding it for an hour or more. After mastering that then try low temp. As far as basting ,I have never done that , on anything thing. If you feel you just need help pm me and I will tell you exactly how to do it.
  20. Mine ended up as a two piece for a while ,but I had a crack going up and down also ,just got to weak to continue to use.
  21. Your bottom vent was open almost far enough to cook a pizza . It is normal to see smoke come out of both the top vent and bottom vent when shutting it down. These things were never built to be air tight anyway.
  22. I would say it is an upgrade there are several user who have done just that. I have never read of anyone going the other direction ,selling there vision and buying the acorn. As with all of the kamado type grill there will be a learning curve,once your past that your good to go.
  23. I always have mine on 1 most of the time on the top, I believe its a good idea to get rid of some of the smoke. So I control mine from bottom ,since heat rises that will be the direction of air flow.
  24. Since you said your fire had went out completely ,I would say you have nothing to worry about as far as leaks. I light mine the same for everything ,I set mine for 1 on the top and about an 1/8 of an inch on bottom ,and let it stabilize on its own. this may take up to an hour. For now I would just watch the grill thermometer ,and use only the food probe until you are used to it. Another factor could be how full you fill the fire box ,I fill mine slightly above the air holes.
  25. Really I have had mine for over 1 1/2 now ,and I have done every cook with just the two levels and two pizza stones ,when needed. I would just try what you have for now and pick up later down the road if you find it necessary.
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