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  1. I ended up cuttting to 1.5 inch or so steaks and grilling. Turned out great. I do have a soul vide setup as well but honestly have never preferred my steaks done that way. I really think nothing beats a great salt and pepper rub and direct high heat over charcoal. No doubt you can crush your consistency across a large volume of steaks with sous vide but I think you give up something in the taste and texture space. Of course, maybe I’m not great at it
  2. Lol. Is a first world problem for sure! Have friends from PEI who will do the seafood. I think I will cut my steaks up and grill them. Really love the Jotisserie though. Doing some chicken on it tonight to scratch the itch
  3. Hi, I am doing some surf & turf tomorrow for about 17 people and have a bunch of lobsters and a whole striploin. Having just bought a JoeTisserie for my Big Joe I’m draw to turning everything right now and I know the whole striploin would come out well cooked as a roast that way. That said, I’m thinking for surf and turf carving out steaks and grilling might be more appropriate as maybe roast style beef isn’t quite the fit for pairing with lobster. Anyone think rotisserie here? Thanks!
  4. New here and thought I'd chime in with my weekend with a new JoeTisserie for my BJ. Finally found one in stock at the local BBQ shop and picked it up on a whim. With a bunch of people coming over, my first cook needed to be 3 6lb chickens. This probably violated some best practices ;-) Fed about 12 people who universally thought it was the best chicken they'd ever ate. Seasoned it with a BBQ Chicken rub from LaGrille which was also a chance find as a bunch of spices were on sale. Had to do some work to get all the birds on and stable but it worked out in the end - probably taxed the motor a tad more than I wanted. Had so much fun the Saturday, I grabbed a top sirloin roast at Costco for Sunday and had the same folks back. This time around I did some potatoes and veg/garic in the fire box which also worked awesome. The pictures don't do the roast justice and I neglected to take some shots post carve, but needless to day, it was pink and juicey. All told, despite being WAY expensive, I'd buy this thing again tomorrow - fit perfectly on my older BJ and no smoke leak at all and with a mix of lump/briquettes held 330-350 pretty steadily.
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