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  1. Growing up in Southern Colorado, for me I'm not sure there is such a thing as too spicy when it comes to green chili! My recipe is from my mother, and after moving twice I'm not sure if I still have it. Guess I need to ask for it next time I talk to her.
  2. That makes a lot of sense, thank you for that information.
  3. I probably should have been more clear. Once you swap out the stock slider for the cover plate, is it necessary to reinstall the stock slider if you are not going to use the iKamand for higher temp and or shorter cooks? I think I was under the impression that the cover plate replaces the stock slider and functions the same way, just allows for quick and easy connecting/disconnecting of the iKamand.
  4. That looks very tasty! I haven't made Green Chili in a couple years, I may need to break out my recipe since the weather is getting colder.
  5. If you have the cover plate for the iKamand, is it necessary to switch out the the vent slider? I was under the impression that it was not and was getting ready to pull the trigger on the iKamand, but if that is not true, I will need to look at other options.
  6. Ordered my KJ Classic III from Atlanta Grill. I paid $1369 after their discount, ordered on Tuesday and it was delivered late on Thursday. Went out of town last weekend so I haven't had a chance to christen it yet, but plan to do that soon.
  7. Looks like it was for the grill cart they used to offer.
  8. I know this doesn't help you much, but I just kept the box and it came in with the plastic things that the probe was wrapped up in. That thing on Etsy looks like it would work really well.
  9. That it does! And when your six year old asks for multiple times a week I feel I am onto something.
  10. I changed a few things up from my first take on the grill. First, I cooked a couple chicken breasts on the grill instead of using a rotisserie chicken, I placed the dish directly on the heat diffuser and I bumped up the temp to about 425 and only cooked it about 18 minutes. By placing it directly on the heat diffuser the bottom crust was completely cooked, and the higher temps crisped the top crust up a bit more which led to an all around better pie. Probably the best one that I've made to date, on the grill or oven.
  11. Going to need to remember to try something like this. Looks tasty.
  12. No, but it's so simple it's almost embarrassing. I use rotisserie chicken, a bag of frozen veggies, cream of chicken soup and pie crust. Mix up the chicken, veggies and cream of chicken soup, fill the pot pie up and you are good to go. I'm wondering if I put the pot pie directly on the deflector if that would help cook the bottom crust.
  13. Tonight I decided to do Chicken Pot Pie on the grill. Just my simple pot pie recipe, threw it on the grill about 360 grate temp and cooked for about 35 minutes. About my only complaint is that the bottom crust wasn't completely cooked. Next time will cook the bottom crust only on the grill for about 5 minutes before putting the filling in and adding the top crust. The grill definitely gave it a smoky hint to it which was really good.
  14. They were tasty. Next time I wrap them I'll keep bone side down. I did meat side down and the foil stuck to the meat a bit. Also, I need better BBQ sauce. Didn't prepare and just had some plain store brand BBQ sauce, so that was a bit of a let down. But the ribs were so tender and not dry.
  15. My first attempt at ribs went sooo wrong, which is probably a good thing as it led me to this forum. I didn't have a diffuser so my ribs were burnt to a crisp after 2 hours at 250. After lots and lots of ready I was ready for a second take at ribs. I rubbed these on Thursday night with the intention of cooking them on Friday, but life had other plans. Fast forward to Sunday and I pull them out of the freezer and let them thaw. Got my grill up to about 250 and threw them on. Fought with the temperature because 1) it was a bit windy and 2) I was trying to hang out with the neighbor and my
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