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  1. Really interested in this post - I have left that second layer of meat on which came out tough as boots, but the actual rib meat under was good - was considering removing it next time which is what you’ve done! Keen to get short ribs spot on as well - any guidance / pointers folk?
  2. So followed Johns guidance and set the fan to max 20%, left the fan gate fully open and the top Vent open a crack - What a difference - a few degrees either side of what I set it to for 11hours straight... now confident I could do an overnight pork butt! Got a bit excited and went to get a couple of short ribs to throw in which came out great - pulled them off at 195 and rested for 20mins. It’s the first time I’be done short ribs, top, separate layer of meat was tough but taking that off the rest was spot on, not sure what I did wrong there or whether that meat was really meant to be used!?! One to figure in another day unless some can let me know! Also attach the graph to show when the fan kicks in (green)- speaks for itself really great bit of kit!
  3. Cani also ask do you have the FireBoard fan gate fully open, have used it once so far but kept overshooting, temp would come back down, fan would kick in and overshoot again...
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