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  1. Turkeys turned out great! The roasting time was the same… didn’t take longer with 2 turkeys in, which turned out okay, I just rested for a bit longer. turkey was still tender and juicy the next day, which was wonderful! I think the brine is important, but also the butter under the skin is what does it for me. I create a compound with rosemary, salt, pepper, and minced up garlic. thanks!
  2. Hello all, I got about 20 people coming over for thanksgiving. Plan is to do 2 separate turkeys on my the Big Joe III. I have already verified it will fit, with some extra room, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this - that is, doing 2 birds at the same time. Do I need to allocate more time? I'm planning on cooking at 325. I'll brine each beforehand for 24 hours. I've done turkeys before, but never 2 at the same time on the same smoker. Any thoughts and insight would be super helpful! And I'll share some pics on how it goes one way or another.
  3. I did my first (full packer) about a month ago. I overshot 250 and couldn't get it below 300... whoops. I would say be very patient in bringing it up to temp. Lower temp to me is better than higher temp. I just plan for a longer rest time now so 3-4 hours rest time, in case I am too low on temp and it takes longer to cook. The brisket still turned out okay, but it finished way quicker this time.
  4. Great responses. I close the top lid to close to closed as well as bottom vent fully closed to put the fire out and just let it cool down naturally. Thanks to you both. I'll post some pics on my cooks this weekend. Here's the last pulled pork I did - turned out great! I probably went overkill on the butcher's twine haha. Costco is boneless, so had to keep it all together.
  5. Makes complete sense. I didn't even think about pulling the charcoal. Do you do this with each cook? Or just when you are moving from one to another? I normally just let it cool down naturally.
  6. First time poster! I got my Big Joe about 2 months ago and its is beyond amazing! Done a ton of cooks on it and while I'm still learning, I'm so happy about my purchase. I have family over this weekend and am planning on doing a couple of cooks. Want to grill drumsticks one night and then start an overnight cook later than night for Pork Butt to eat for an early dinner the next day. I usually cook drumsticks at 375-400, and it takes about 8 hours or so to cool down. Plan is to cook the Boston Butt at 250 or so. Plan is to eat at about 2pm or 3pm the next day. I've never rolled from one cook to another right after another. Any tips, or is that not a good idea? Should the KJ be completely cooled down before I start another cook? Especially because I'm looking for an overnight cook, don't want too big of a fire to come back up and then not able to keep the temp down. Any tips you can offer me? I know its kind of a complicated question, but that's why I come to the masters!
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