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  1. KJ said they were going to help me with a cart. I wrote back and asked when it would ship. I was basically told that I will know when it ships when I get the FedEx tracking info. I asked again if they had an estimated ship date. Now I can’t get a response. I’m about 2 days away from returning everything I bought from KJ.
  2. They did the same for me. I took the offer, but still have no cart and no response from Kamado Joe. Amazon told me if I can’t figure out the cart thing in the next week or so, I can get a full refund. If I had realized the customer service from KJ was this bad, I would have purchased a BGE. .....still might.
  3. Good to know. I think that means mine is missing the separate box
  4. Thanks! Amazon is all messed up. I may have received an old one...but because they moved to a single box for the same product their system shows only 1 box. The Amazon rep thinks because the system only shows 1 now, they may have not realized the one I ordered had 2. They recommend I contact Kamado. As of now, I have a grill without a stand. I’m afraid I’m going to get caught in the middle here.
  5. I just received my Kamado Joe Classic 3 from Amazon Prime. Unfortunately it is missing the stand and casters. For those you who have purchased....did the stand come in a separate box? Im wondering if the Amazon guys just accidentally separated the package. Very disappointed. Kamado doesn't answer the phone, so I am not sure what to do other than return it. Thanks
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