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  1. Thank you for the link. Placed an order and saved the site for the future.
  2. Hey John Setzler where do I find alder wood chunks for smoking? AGC didn’t have them nor did the local egg store. I settled for chips from AGC but was afraid to lay em on the coals and lose control of temp. They are in a box on top of the coals but no smoke
  3. LInda, I don't think there is a loss in surface area because you can still use the grate have. The difference is in the framework you put the grate on. It says you can only use the one that comes with it when you use the SloRoller. It may have something to do with the way it fits around the hyperbolic chamber.
  4. My assessment of the SloRoller maiden voyage. I apologize for this being long but there is a lot going on. First, cudos to John Setzler for a forum where ideas and learnings can be shared. Thank you John. With that, I can conclude my cook today by saying I am a fan of the SloRoller and I am glad I bought it. The five and a half pound prime rig was cooked evenly throughout although landed at a temp higher than anticipated. I pulled it at a median temp of 122 between the two Fireboard Probes with validation by the new Thermapen MK4 I also recently just purchased. I cra
  5. As promised I put together to SloRoller this morning for use with a five pound plus prime rib. The pictures I have included show the stackup which was a question. The lid on the hyperbolic chamber is exactly 12 inches across. The space between the top of that lid and the bottom of the grill rack is exactly 1 3/8 inches so a tin foil 1"x12" deep dish pizza pan fits perfectly and provides more than enough volume for what I am doing
  6. I guess I didn't follow the instructions quite right. I live in Cumming Georgia, not very far from the Atlanta Grill Company Store. While I am new to this forum, I have had a KJ Classic for four years and use it between three and five nights a week for a variety of things. I have followed the teachings and videos of John Setler for most of those years. And in 24 hours have gained some helpful hints to be used on the premiere cook of the SloRoller that arrived yesterday. No pressure John Setzler but settled on a five and a half pound boneless prime rib roast for the maiden
  7. I intend to use a drip pan. For reference I found a place on line that sells aluminum foil pizza pans in a variety of sizes. They are very low profile with maybe a 3/4 inch height and I have yet to fill one up with the slow cooks I have done. I have refrained from putting the website that I order from here for now. Being a newbie, I didn't read where it was against the rules to share things like that but I don't want to get booted the same day.
  8. I have been watching for months to see the impression of those using the device. Like others it has been tugging at me enough to where I almost sold my Classic to buy a Classic 3 but opted not to. I was told these would be retrofit eventually to the Classic in the near future. I saw the post yesterday, ordered it immediately, it shipped, and it is now in my garage. The FCR as they call the rack is different from the one I have and it says right in the instructions that this should ONLY be used with the SloRoller and not any other time. I haven't done a side by side comparison yet to see the
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