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  1. Not for me, I ended up switching over to Fireboard which I love and in this scenario works much better as well. I can leave the original slider door in and it just butts up against the adapter. The adapter also has a receiver at the top so I can easily remove it and go back to stock. Doesnt really help I know but +1 for fireboard, it's all round a much, much better product. What kind of temps are we talking here, Ikamand will do higher temps, its not just a low and slow machine....
  2. As Burger Meister mentioned there is an Allen key/grub screw to pull/push the latch up and down, that should do the trick for you.
  3. JamesX

    Slo-Roller Ribs

    What temps where you running?
  4. Out of interest, what fan are you using with your fireboard?
  5. Thanks all, so i decided to bite the bullet and just go with what support advised somewhat, although I decided not to remove all the felt. So when I started taking off the old gasket, it seems the felt only covers half the lip. As I started to peel off the old gasket I realised half of it was stuck to the ceremic, half the felt. I have no idea what the felt does but I remember reading something about the company that advised Kamado Joe for the new gasket to stick the ceremic to felt and felt to the gasket, might be something to do with the types of adhesive, no idea. So I start by separating the inside of the gasket to the ceremic, some was stuck well, other areas not stuck at all. Once I separated this, the sticking of the gasket to the felt was left on the outer rim. I then took a razor and started to separate the felt and gasket, it was a bit like removing silver skin, being careful to cut as close to the gasket without cutting into it. Once I was done with top and bottom I started sanding down the ceremic half of the lip to remove the old residue. I also rounded and removed some felt where I felt it wasn't quite 50/50 to give the adhesive a better chance of sticking to the ceremic. It does seem the main job of it is to stick to the ceremic with the felt also, more of a cosmetic or maybe providing an element of flexability, maybe the felt fibres provide a slight bit of give on the outter side of the lip. So once removed and the old adhesive residue and sanded off I took an air can to it to remove any dust etc, next up the rubbing alcohol to wipe down and clean the surface. I then proceeded to apply the gasket, taking care that it seems to curve appropriately and I carefully followed the pre applied adhesive to match the edge of the lip of the ceremic so I had a good surface of contact across the ceremic at least, I doubt the manufacter guys took as much attention to detail compared to this particular application, I'm sure they are a lot quicker too! :D I tried my best to make sure there was as best contact as possible on the ceremic at least and the width of the adhesive on the gasket will do the rest to cover the felt, follow one edge and the other side will align itself so to speak. Closed the lid for overnight as instructed so I will see tomorrow how it holds up. At least its on straight without a lot of gasket hanging over into the cooking chamber. At the end of the day this is not an ideal situation given its brand new, I certainly wouldn't be expecting to sort out panel gaps on a brand new car, unless it's a Tesla hopefully I can just put this behind me now and enjoy it without looking at it and feeling I got a poor QC unit.
  6. Any idea why it comes from the factory with felt on if its not needed? Field service is not really relevant in my book nor grill replacement, it's not really my problem how Kamado Joe chooses to handle defect issues. If it's a serviceable item, fine, but i would not be expecting to permanently remove items from the grill to get it back to where it should have been delivered to me new, after all once I remove that it's no longer the reference design I expected of how it should have come from the factory, I expect it to be repaired to the standard of new. Practicalities aside of how it's repaired, i paid for a new grill, it shouldn't come with defects and if it does I should expect repairs as if it was new, if it was 12+ months old when this happened its a bit of a different story. Its not like these are cheap grills they are the premium brand. I guess the crux of my question was will the mesh gasket stick directly to the ceremic, seems like it will although I have seen some other posts about supplementing the glue with extra adhesive.
  7. Hi so back in April I bought my Big Joe 3 here in the UK. When I got the grill I noticed that the gasket was not on straight, so on the bottom it seems the length was too small when they put it on so at the front it seems only half way across the lip and so encroaching into the cook chamber (hard to explain but look at the photos) . Then on the dome its actually on straight but I have noticed the the felt barely makes it's way over the lip at the back, what this means in the mesh gasket only sticks to a slither of the felt, after a couple months usage it separated. After speaking to support they sent me out a replacement mesh gasket. With the instructions to remove old gasket and follow John's guide of replacing the gasket for the older all felt version, which I do not think it correct. Somewhere I read about the new version of the gasket is essentially the felt sticks to the ceremic and the mesh gasket sticks to the felt, I can no longer find this to point back to them. With them asking me to remove everything I'm A) worried the mesh gasket won't stick to the ceremic, B ) it comes out the factory like that so surely shouldnt it be replaced with felt as well, lastly C) if it came out the factory not quite right I don't feel like I should be fixing this myself, it's not like it was OK then broke after a long time and is a servicable part after fair use. What does everyone else think of this? I don't really want to make it worse by following instructions I really don't think are right. After the many years of watching videos and reading about Kamado Joe support was really good, my own experience feels a bit lacking so far. You know, I spent thousands on this and I feel like I got a version lacking a bit of QC which again seems to go against previous reviews.
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