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  1. I recently found an old K7 which I am restoring. My bowl ring is intact but has lots of cracks in it, some seem deep. Did you end up using refractory mortar? Also, wondering if anyone has used something similar to NCH Yield on the rust. That product doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. but looks like it did an amazing job. I have the same issue with my Damper hat hardware
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    Thank you. Very helpful. To be honest, I purchased it semi-sight unseen, although the estate sale company gave me a Facetime video inspection. I sort of had to act fast and ended up agreeing to $500. I don't know if that's good or bad. I was told that the elderly owner was pretty meticulous with his things. I see some rust on the outside handle and around the hood. It looked to have the grill grate inside. I see that it has an attached shelf. I don't know about the deflector, or upper and lower brackets. There wear also some boxes of accessories that looked like they had never been opened? I will do some research here and see what i can learn and see what restoration it might need when it arrives. Thanks again.
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    I am new to Kamado grilling. Bought this today at an estate sale. Does anyone know anything about the brand? Would I be able to replace the inside grills? Any info appreciated.
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