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  1. I bought this off Amazon, it fit fine although as some reviews suggest it can blow off in the wind. Decent cover though. Onlyfire Kamado Grill Cover Fits for Big Green Egg,Kamado Joe Classic and Stand-Alone,Large Grill Dome,Pit Boss K22,Louisiana K22,Coyote the Asado Cooker and other,30" DIA X 34" H
  2. Congrats on both the 25 years and excellent looking meal!
  3. I got a masterbuild a few month ago and it is excellent. I got a divide and conquer from Amazon (not a KJ one) which was cheap but good quality and had the deflector plates which I couldn't find anywhere as everything was out of stock. Also bought an X ring (i think thats what is called) made by KJ that fits perfectly. All in all I spent a fair bit on extra kit that comes with KJ's as standard but it still cost me less and I am more than happy with it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have to say it was amazing, especially as it was cooked in the dark!
  5. That looks great. What was the dough recipe?
  6. hi all. I'm still very new to kamado cooking but tonight I cooked a 3lb 2oz tomahawk and I thought I'd share. Seasoned only with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper here is the result. I have to say it was awesome. Cooked to med rare. Beautiful.
  7. Does anyone have any experience of the onlyfire cooking system? Basically I can't get hold of half moon deflector plates and would also like the half grates as well. This system is similar to the d&c but all in for £82.
  8. I'll see if I can get that locally or order some if not. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Nick. I'm binging videos just now. I think I'm about ready to go big cooking then bottle it cos I know I need to start slow and get experience. Trying not to run before I can walk!
  10. Thanks Nick. That's useful to know. I got a d&c as an add on from bedsbbq but I don't know if they do them stand alone or if still in stock. Hopefully the other accessories become available soon. What's your thoughts or preference on charcoal here? KJ big lump seems to be costly. I've got Big K just now but have no comparison to anything else except for cheap supermarket rubbish. I'm still a total newbie!
  11. Mark Kamado


    That's lovely looking grill. No idea about it but it looks great!
  12. Hi folks. I'm a very very new boy to the whole kamado grill game. I bought a masterbuild 300s but don't see a whole lot of threads or information on it. It's a KJ classic 1 OR 2 I believe under a different skin. It take kj accessories apparently and seems to be more of a European based seller than U.S. Id like to start a thread for anyone who has a MB to share trials, tribulations and of course success. Where can we get spare parts and accessories, what works and what doesn't. Please share if you are UK based or other wise based so we can gain best knowledge of deals, stock etc. Before buying (very recently) I struggled to find good sources of info but I'm mega happy with my grill so far. If we can share our experiences then hopefully it would help others with their decision making. I'm in no way and expert in any ceramic BBQ but I am super excited and willing. I'm also hoping to start a BBQ revolution in Scotland! But hope I can learn from others in order to improve and help the wider community. Happy to hear thoughts of others. What say you?
  13. I cant find an ash drawer anywhere. I've ordered cover and charcoal pan but other KJ accessories are all out of stock. Ash draw doesn't even seem to be a thing though. Do KJ not make them for sale separate?
  14. Well done! I'm looking forward to doing my first at some point. Kind of scared about it too!
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