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  1. I'm in no position to advise anyone, being new to the kamado scene myself, but I bought a Kamado Joe Classic ll, and for myself, I think it was a great choice. And, I don't see how it could have been packed more securely for shipping.
  2. Post #1 was a great answer to a question I had that needed answering!
  3. Luddite... Yes, a case could be made for that also!
  4. Yes probably so, but technologically I'm a dinosaur.. No cell phone for apps etc, so I expect to be able to resist. I like to apply the KISS principle in my life!
  5. I went to the local butcher shop this week, bought some good hamburger and 2 racks of baby back ribs. Today was the day for one rack. Stabilized the KJ at 250 degree, and smoked the rack for 2 hours, wrapped in foil with a spritz of apple juice for an hour, then unwrapped, coated with bbq sauce, and did nearly another hour. I couldn't wait any longer, because I skipped lunch, and the aroma from the grill was starting to make me foam at the mouth. The ribs turned out just awesome! Absolutely delicious. Can't wait to do the next rack after the wood chunks I ordered arrive. BTW, I
  6. Followed John's easy whole chicken recipe in the Book of Knowledge. This was my second use of the KJ Classic ll. Best chicken I ever had.. Never been a huge fan of Roasting chickens because of dryness, particularly the breast, but this was different.. it retained it's juices. Delicious!! Also quite surprised at how easily I held the KJK at 350 degrees. I thought i'd have some trouble, bouncing up and down and constantly playing with air settings. Not so, stayed steady at 350 with only minor tweaking.. I'm hoping this bodes well for the future. I know there are probably still pitfalls
  7. This book has helped me alot so far.. it should come as "standard equipment" with the KJ!
  8. Thank you for the welcome, everyone.. This summer we suffered a drought. Now that I go my new Kamado Joe, and want to fire it up, it's been raining nearly every day! One day this week will be nice! Thanks again.. P.S> Been reading John's book... A wealth of good information!
  9. Hi all, Just received my Kamado Joe Classic ll last week. I know absolutely nothing about operation, but I've been studying up. Wanted to dive into a briskit, but decided to follow the advice here and start a bit less ambitiously. I'm sure I'll be mostly a reader at first, but do not be surprised to hear some new guy questions from time to time... Lookin' forward to smellin' some smoke.
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