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  1. I put in a claim in October and was notified the fiberglass mesh gasket would be available in late November. Early December I sent a follow up email asking about my claim. They informed me that the fiberglass mesh gasket would be available late December. However, they sent me the older version of the tower gasket and I just received it yesterday. I placed the new gasket over the old gasket. It took a little bit of an effort to bring the tower cap to its original position, but it did come down. I would recommend bringing the tower cap in a rotating method like when you tightened a wheel on a car.
  2. They go in the bottom slots. This is an excellent video that describes how to set up the Do Joe.
  3. When looking at other 3 hole clips, make sure the largest hole is 0.25 inches. I measured the dome temperature probe and is approximately 7/32 inches.
  4. I jumped the gun and bought the 14" pan. Do you think this will affect the slo roller function?
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