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  1. Welcome Seth! Kind of new here myself. Doing our turkey this year on ours. Cannot wait. Happy Thanksgiving -
  2. Interests are: home brewing, Triumph sports cars, Vintage car racing, vintage stereo gear, classic rock. Now, I think I want to get into model ship building. Not sure about that at the moment.
  3. @BURGER MEISTER - where exactly on the Kamado Joe website is this configurator? I could not find it. I too am having an issue reaching high temps. Thank you.
  4. Seriously good looking cooks there Graham. Keep it burning! Love your patio area as well.
  5. Welcome. New here myself. Go Team Red!
  6. It's here! It's here - Just a pic or two - Did my first cook last night - Spatchcock Chicken & veggies. Very Happy.
  7. Welcome. New here myself. Went from kettle to K Joe myself. Wondering why I waited so long. What part of Australia?
  8. Delivery is set for this Friday! Cannot wait. Photos to follow!
  9. Thanks @len440 - I actually found that BoK a few months ago but forgot about it. Re-read last night. Good stuff contained therein.
  10. Hello! Long time gas and Weber griller here. About two years ago I saw a Primo Oval XL ceramic grill at a local BBQ supply store. I was intrigued and started a long journey to see if the ceramic grill was right for me. But which one? Which size? Look. Study. Search. Read. Learn. Analyze. Watch videos. Over analyze. Under analyze. Forget about and live with my Weber kettle? Green, Black, Red. Green, Black, Red. Green, Black, Red Sleep on it. Zzzzzz. Zzzzzz. Zzzzzz. Green, Red. Green, Red. Green, Red. Green, Red. Sleep on it some more. Zzzzzz. Zzzzzzz. Zzzzz. Finally, I have made my decision!!!!!! RED IT IS! I ordered the Kamado Joe Classic III 18" and it is currently wheeling it was to me and should deliver mid next week. Cannot wait! I'm sure I will have a ton of questions so bear with me as I move forward in expanding my cooking skills. Been lurking here for a while and I felt that this is one of the better forums out there - Kudos to John and the moderators.
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