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  1. For higher temps I do 350-500 is the range I take it off for. But more back story here is that I do not own the ikamand cover plate for when the controller is removed to put out the fire, which means if I use the ikamand to put out the fire, I need to leave the controller outside. I bought my grill on facebook market place and the seller had the ikamand. But I also just enjoy cooking without it, but there are cases where it's nice to have the controller. Fireboard does look like an easier setup, but I probably won't upgrade at the moment. I'm beginning to wonder if I can replace the screws with some with a flatter head so the sliders can slip over the screws and out.. haven't been to hardware shop to see what's available.
  2. I'm finding that I like cooking without the ikamand for most things, but the ikamand is nice for low and slow, long cooks. Has anyone found an easier solution to switch back to the default vent slider? As it is now, I need to pull out the firebox and pull the screws out to swap before my low and slow cooks. I tried leaving both the ikamand mount and the original vent slider at the same time, this didn't really work. Neither was able to slide in the gasket.
  3. I recently picked up a kamado joe classic. Sadly, I only have access to good charcoal other than online. I know there's quite a few reviews on here, but does anyone have recommendations on where to order online. I've been using amazon, but not convinced the big block on Amazon is not banged up too much. I get mostly small pieces in the bags compared to what I've seen in video comparisons.
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