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  1. Just a follow up on resolving my loose Kontrol Tower. Kamado Joe sent me a replacement gasket. The only problem was, it was the gasket for the lid opening. I started to contact them to tell them they sent the wrong gasket. Instead I measured the vent opening, cut off a piece, installed the wider gasket and applied the supplied seam tape. I thought it might be to tight, but it worked perfect. The Kontrol Tower is now super tight. No flopping around. I’ve done several cooks and the tower stays tight. The bonus is, I only used a short piece of the gasket and I now have enough left over gasket to replace the lid seal if it ever goes bad. This was an accidental find on my part, but if you want your Kontrol Tower to stay tight, think about giving it a try. I hope this helps. Good luck!!!
  2. I had the cap swung off to the side. I didn’t realize the Kontrol Tower got loose after the grill got hot. When I lifted the Kamado lid it fell off, hit the concrete and broke. It was suggested that I just remove the cover when I wanted to have full air flow, which I’ll do for now, but I’ve only had the grill 8 days and shouldn’t have to worry about it. Kamado has agreed to replace the Kontrol Tower and told me to make sure it’s all the way down, plus twist it to get a tight fit. I already know that won’t work. The aluminum expands when it gets hot. I’ll keep pressing for a solution. All that aside, the grill does an amazing job.
  3. Thanks for the replies. After I looked at the gasket closer, it was installed at an angle. One side higher than the other. Just taking the top off is a good idea, but mine is still extremely loose even with the cap off. I’ve already broken one Kontrol Tower and don’t want to keep fighting it. I’m going to try the warranty route and get some additional gasket. Thanks
  4. I received my Kamado Classic III last Monday and have an issue with the Kontrol Tower. I’m would like to know if anyone else has had this issue. When the grill gets hot the fit between the Krontrol Tower and the Kamado lid gets loose (see photo). When I swing out the top vent the whole assembly tilts to the side. When I raised the lid it fell off and broke the first time I used it. I was able to find a replacement tower, but it still fits loose and have to be careful when raising the lid. I’ve emailed Kamado Joe and waiting on a response.
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