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  1. Pressure cooker eggs are so easy to peel. I just peel them in a small bowl of water so I don't burn myself.
  2. I started around a similar weight to you. I started doing 16 hour fasts. I'm settled on 23 for now but I have not been strict as I will sometimes have breakfast with my partner and wreck my fast. As of yesterday I'm around 176lbs I'm 5'9 so aiming for 155-165 then I will start some strength training.
  3. Not too bad. Not quite fall off the bone. I'm trying to find the sweet spot I guess. I think the temp rode up 250-330 range so it may have dried out the ribs somewhat?
  4. Sydney. I bought some spare ribs. Wrapped one at 160. Leaving another unwrapped to see the difference at the end.
  5. After playing around with a kettle I decided to take a step up and ended up buying an Akorn a couple of days ago. So far I've only done a few ribs and chicken. Overshot the temp a bit and ribs were a bit dry. I have it on now trying to dial in my temps. Sitting at around 228 but slowly rising at the moment.
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