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  1. Is this the size I should be getting to fit my Akorn? https://www.bbqguys.com/grillgrate/hard-anodized-aluminum-3-panel-grill-surface-set-for-18-inch-big-green-egg-large-with-grate-tool I can use it on top of the cast iron grate right?
  2. Did this yesterday for Xmas Eve dinner. My first time doing a turkey on my Akorn. Brined overnight. Rub was just old bay with added rosemary, savory and garlic powder. Rubbed minced garlic all over and under the skin. Injected the breasts with butter. Only just fit! 4.7kg bird. Pulled when breast hit 150. Was worried it would be dry as the outer parts of the breast hit 170+ Came out great though. Everyone was impressed.
  3. I received my TTT yesterday and gave it a spin last night. Started closing down vents at 200 and ended up around hovering around 250. My only question is how do you get the temp down? Should I just adjust the top vent manually as the TT will always have some gap?
  4. What position is your bottom vent set at? I've seen some posts on other forums saying they have the bottom vent fully closed? Does this affect the quality of the smoke?
  5. First for me as well. I'm not exactly sure how long it took to cook. I think it was around 40-50mins hovering around 400. Temp probe was level with the chicken on the rack that comes with the Akorn. Akorn temp gauge read 300. Chicken came out so juicy. Possibly the juiciest chicken I have ever eaten. Skin was also a little crispy.
  6. Pressure cooker eggs are so easy to peel. I just peel them in a small bowl of water so I don't burn myself.
  7. I started around a similar weight to you. I started doing 16 hour fasts. I'm settled on 23 for now but I have not been strict as I will sometimes have breakfast with my partner and wreck my fast. As of yesterday I'm around 176lbs I'm 5'9 so aiming for 155-165 then I will start some strength training.
  8. Not too bad. Not quite fall off the bone. I'm trying to find the sweet spot I guess. I think the temp rode up 250-330 range so it may have dried out the ribs somewhat?
  9. Sydney. I bought some spare ribs. Wrapped one at 160. Leaving another unwrapped to see the difference at the end.
  10. After playing around with a kettle I decided to take a step up and ended up buying an Akorn a couple of days ago. So far I've only done a few ribs and chicken. Overshot the temp a bit and ribs were a bit dry. I have it on now trying to dial in my temps. Sitting at around 228 but slowly rising at the moment.
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