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  1. Thank you gentleman! Had our 2nd pizza party and had perfectly clean smoke, almost invisible. I did a cleaning burn after my last cook and just let it go at 700 until it burned out. That got everything perfectly clean for this time around. Got my temp up to 550 pretty quick and held it there for 4 pizzas. Huge success! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks John, I didn't think about burning off residual grease from prior cooks. I'm sure that is what it was. It wasn't black smoke just not clear blue like I'm used to. It was also enough to where I'm sure my neighbors thought something was on fire over here. Thanks for the advise! I'll be sure to do a burn-off prior to my next pizza cook and report back.
  3. Good morning all! I've been a long time lurker and learned so much from you guys! I've had my pitboss kamado for about a year and finally got around to trying pizza. All of my low and slow cooks have produced clear blue smoke but when I did my pizza cook I'm sure my neighbors thought my house was on fire. I tried keeping it between 500 and 600 degrees but anytime I would close the bottom vent any the smoke would get worse. I struggled through the pizza and it actually cooked really good but you could taste the bad smoke. After the pizza I let it keep burning and it finally stopped smoking but it was at 700 degrees. Any suggestions on how to keep it around 600 without it bellowing black smoke?
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