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  1. Seems that my Pellet Joe takes a LONG time to get up to temperature. I have cleaned the firebox completely before each smoke/grill so there are no ashes near the heating element and I have used fresh pellets. Still seems like the time to come up to temperature. Gets to 150f then seems to pause for a while before starting to climb again. Does anyone have a "scale" at which temps should be reached? (ie: 10 mins to 300, 15 mins to 400, etc) Also, the heat deflector (very cheap I might add) seems to have several hot and cool spots? Anyone have same issues and if so, and solutions? Thanks
  2. I am having trouble connecting. Have followed steps in app, but no luck. Anyone else having issues? If so, solutions?
  3. Anyone know of a retailer that has Pellet Joe's in stock? Two places who I placed orders with suddenly had "inventory delays from China" that will last into 2021!
  4. anyone have an idea about the heat up time on the pellet Joe? I have a big Joe and im looking for something that will come up to temp quicker.
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