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  1. I've cooked primerib in the oven in the past and it always comes out very good. ie, oven technique is 500F for the number minutes = weight in lbs x 5, turn off oven and let it sit for 2 hours i would love to try this with a kamado, just checking to see if someone has done this.
  2. I'm doing this cook right now. 9lb bone in picnic roast. In the KJ aluminum pan. Covered @ 275F for about 6 hrs already. What internal temp should I bring this to? It's at 181F right now. Do I need to bring it to 195F? I don't want it too soft like pulled pork. I plan to crispy the skin too.
  3. lol, I think I just found out why. The rib part was amazing, juicy and soft. The chop part? well, it was so dry. I guess it didn't have much fat content.
  4. curious about this... how come more of us (kamado guys) don't cook Pork Rib roast like baby back ribs? ie, 3-2-1 technique? does it not work for pork rib roasts? reason I ask is because I have one in the kamado right now. currently on hour 5 at 250F. Going to wrap it in foil with some honey and apple cider.
  5. I'm using a pizza stone and it seems to be holding up for several cooks already. this is the one I got from amazon 15" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LZFX4NY
  6. So, I understand that the half moon heat deflector cause an area of high heat in the middle. Would a single round piece (ie, pizza stone) be better?
  7. now, I just need to find the perfect rub, lol. tried dizzy pig and Stubbs, the latter had too much paprika.
  8. Just to follow up. This is my 2nd slow and low cook ever on a ceramic egg. I had a little fluctuation when re-using charcoal from my first cook. I found that it needs a little more air to be stable at 225-250F, so the vent openings were a little bit wider. anyhow, I also used a different baby back ribs, these were from costco and they're much thicker. Which worked out much much better. I did a 3-1-0.25 cook, 3 hrs unfoiled, 1 hr foiled, and 15 mins unfoiled with a little sauce. Turned out perfect. Ribs were tender and still juicy. I've been converted... to the slow and low style of cooking ribs.
  9. I'll have to take before and after pics next time. Overall, I was happy.
  10. it was good, but it might have been a little dry. It was my first time making baby back ribs this way. I've cooked a ton of baby back ribs on the grill at 325 - 375F for ~30 mins with frequent turning and it's great. Extremely juicy, but just a little hard to bite. the low and slow method makes it more tender, but I think I dried it out a bit. Wish it were more juicy.
  11. it went well for my first slow and low cook. surprised that it worked with just lighting the center. I had small baby back ribs from Whole Foods. maybe about 1.5lbs for a whole rack. I did a 2-1-0.5 and that was almost too much. so, for thinner ribs, which should I shorten? the initial unfoiled smoke?
  12. thx everyone. for my first slow and low, and first time on a kamado, temps stabilized at 240F. 2 hrs in on baby back. just foiled them.
  13. So, I'm about to start my first slow and low baby back ribs at 225-275F I know how to get a strong fire going for regular grilling, but as I understand it for a slow and low cook, I only need to start the first in the middle of the charcoal. Then my question is, how do I know that the rest of the charcoals will get lit after I close the vents?
  14. can we buy the Classic III divide and conquer to use on the Classic I/II? it should give it a 3rd rack to cook higher ?
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