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  1. Can you tell where the air is leaking from? I have heard that adding some felt to the top vent and to the lower vent can solve that problem for some.
  2. I just got it yesterday and setup the stand. Eyeing it and wondering whether my girlfriend and I will be able to lift it into the stand or whether I will need some extra help... :-) I have read that some people take the lid off to make it lighter to pick up but I want to avoid that I think.
  3. Haha... I am such a noob. Guess that makes sense though.
  4. So that would allow you to cook low and slow on indirect heat on one side and then direct heat for a reverse sear on the other right? Could you not just do your low and slow with the heat deflector on then mid-cook take the heat deflector off and then sear? I guess this accessory would just make it easier to pull this off right?
  5. I found this pdf manual for the model 71242 which seems to indicate the heat deflector is included. https://dj4htnsq11to6.cloudfront.net/catalog/manuel/71241_71242_71244_20180205.pdf So that probably answers my question about the deflector.
  6. Just placed an order online and want to make sure I have everything I need. Does anyone know what comes in the box from Costco Canada? So far I have ordered the following in addition to the K24: 1. Charcoal Chimney 2. Inkbird IBBQ-4T 3. Some extra felt to fix the vents 4. Some charcoal In particular I have seen some conflicting reports on whether it includes the heat deflector. I had seen some earlier posts that mentioned that it didn't and people were having trouble finding them in Canada...then I think I saw a post somewhere that said i
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