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  1. Does anyone know if the classic sized grate will fit the lower level of a big Joe? If so I’ll get one for a lower sear
  2. I tried to use my new cast iron grate on the bottom level of my D&C tonight and realised it’s too big to sit on the bottom I was m wondering would the classic sized cast iron grate fit on the bottom level of a big Joe instead, allowing me to seat closer to the fire
  3. Just wanted to know if my deflectors are now likely to break under heat stress as they have divots out of them?
  4. Had some burnt on bbq sauce on my deflectors and tried to scrape off with a plastic spatula after a cook (as mentioned on here as the best way )and it it took away some of the deflector plates with it Anyone else had this issue? And did it weaken the deflector (pics attached don’t show the divots in the deflector very well but they are about a coins depth) I’ve only had them 3 weeks and the pieces came away very easily
  5. @jtemple that’s what I expected to happen, but once it’s added it keeps going up past the original temp Pre meat
  6. Maybe it’s the starter cubes I have started to add 2 instead of one to speed things up and this has coincided with this phenomenon thanks I will go back to one and follow the above steps tomorrow
  7. Had it again today grill at temp for an hour open it up add meat- 15 mins later it’s jumped up 70f just can’t work out why it’s doing it
  8. How long do people wait until they are confident that their grill has stabilised? New user here Lit my KJ today got it to the correct temp added my pork shoulder & it dropped like expected and then raised back to where it was before and I thought it had stabilised after about an hour at 250f I then had to go out for an hour and it was the first time I had confidence to leave it and hoped it would stay as it should at 250 but when I got back and it had jumped 50f All my cooks before I have been watching the temp gauge like a hawk and I know it’s all about learning from experience but wondered if you guys had any tips or advice
  9. Hi all, seen different opinions regarding the correct temperature to get the grill up to before using for smash burgers. One video ive watched said 350f and one said 500f+ What is the lowest temperature that this grill will be effective at?
  10. Thought it would be useful as only cooking for 2 95% of the time to save on charcoal Just worried I have slung them in the bin in all the packaging somewhere but they were definitely not in the box for the grate
  11. Hi all received by big Joe 2 today and was wondering is there supposed to be two nuts that attach to the bolts on the divider for the grate in the firebox? I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere that there’s two wig nuts that attach but I had nothing in my box thanks
  12. Thanks all, Reassuring to hear
  13. Anyone Uk based know if KJ are planning another 25% off this year? A friend is looking to get one and is willing to wait a month or so if they are
  14. How do you all secure your grills against wind in the winter months ? I’m in the uk and usually my normal gas grill gets blown over a few times each winter during storms Ive got a new KJ on order and am worried about leaving it outside if the same will happen and smash my grill. I also don’t fancy wheeling it inside every time I use it incase of damaging it in transport Anyone got any tips out there On how to avoid potential blow overs
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