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  1. Just did one this week. Rubbed it in a coffee/chili rub, got the fire to 300, cooked indirect until it was 125 and then reverse seared it to finish (about 140)- rested and as mentioned above, carved against the grain (which changes at the “notch”). Came out tender and juicy...can always I did it right when my wife says it was a good idea to buy the Kamado. Now I need to find white oak chunks (I used pecan) to get it totally Santa Maria
  2. I have seen John's video of these and they are appealing- but really hard to find. Wondering a. why that is and b. anyone else using them successfully? Just got the Joetisserie and want to put a basket on it for a number of cooks I have in mind- Thanks ahead of time for any info
  3. Ah- it has taken me a bit to figure out responses here! Thank you all for the warm welcome. I went easy my first time out with spatchcocked chickens, have now done three whole salmon, two racks of ribs, lots of lamb and pizzas and two Turkeys. Oh, and @JeffieBoy- the bird is a Peregrine Falcon
  4. Thank you all for this post. Did our first Pizza Party today on the DOJO with my wife at the helm on a cook for the first time and it was a success thanks to the knowledge I have gotten here. Got her two peels- a wood and an aluminum, and we let it rip. Three perfect launches but she (the baker in the family) brought something to the table I have not seen mentioned. Rice flour. She assured me that rice flour is how to make dough not stick...and I just stand back when she drops these things. Anyway- it worked for us. Now full of pizza and off for a nap.
  5. Got really into using pellets and doing really long cooks on my old Genesis...so I bit the bullet and bought a KJCIII. Christened it Saturday and couldn’t be happier! Anyway, hello all! I look forward to learning here.
  6. Bit the bullet and bought one finally- Classic III based on my personal research and desire for that “bang for your buck”. Thank you John for your YouTube presence, my first cook was effortless. This is my first Kamado, but I knew going in I wanted a basket. I knew I wanted my wife to be able to make pizza without opening it (she will so forget to burp it) and I knew I was buying it to smoke on. Then I saw the sloroller.... Being a science teacher...Injust couldn’t resist. I had to see that in action! got up to temp, opened it and added a little cherry, brought it back up and it was smoking like a train. Opened it again and know what? You can see the smoke rolling just like they said it would! Never used anything else, but this thing is cool and produced a perfect whole chicken and some amazing salmon filets for me first time out. Works great!
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