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  1. Wow, that looks fantastic!!
  2. Welcome! Which part of Finland are you from? If it is close to the border with Russia or you have good friends coming from there, you could try asking them to bring you some charcoal from here. It is called Black Buffalo and is made of quebracho wood, very good option. It costs here $25 for 10 kg bag.
  3. I really appreciate everyone's input, thank you very much! So far 5 out of 6 respondents answered they wouldn't buy the disposable grate. If to take into account my friend, also passional grill guy, and myself - that is 2 out 7 who would not buy such a thing. But that's not very representative sample...
  4. thank you, Andrew! Yes, the product will need to be all those things before it will be offered for purchase (strong, heat resistant, able to leave grill marks). The disposable part will be 100% recyclable, so I hope it will make it a bit better in terms of reusing. Yes, we just discussed it with my wife just recently - you hear a lot of stories, like "everybody said NO, but I still went ahead and now it is a big success", but it is kind of a survivor's bias, for each such case there could be a hundred when the entrepreneur didn't listen and lost money
  5. Thank you for replying and kind words! Yes, it seems like it doesn't bother most people as much as me((
  6. Thank you for your help! We thought about it and we will be looking for the material and thickness that will allow to withstand open flames
  7. Many thanks, really appreciate your help! I do the burn after the cook too, but I am afraid to use the wire brush after seen reports about them ending up inside people. With the wire brush it is probably much easier. We think about making the disposable part strong enough (either because of the thickness or by using lock system) strong enough to hold heavy weigh and at high temperatures without adding bars underneath. If we find out that there will be enough people willing to buy them that is So far I have my doubts))
  8. Have you heard about Grillgrates? I don't have one, but heard a lot of good things about them, including less flare ups https://www.grillgrate.com/kamado-grills/
  9. Hey all! I am quite new fairly recent to grilling but very passionate about it! One thing I hate about grilling is having to clean it after cook, especially the grates. As I am a bit of clean freak, I have to do it after each cook. Also scared of getting my family members injured, so I don't use wire brushes. My father is a product designer and I suggested to him making a new grill grate at his metal shop, that will help to eliminate the need to clean the grates. The grate is to consist of a permanent frame and disposable middle part made from thin stainless still that could
  10. Thank you! Never heard about Kamado cookers until recently, but apparently it is already quite popular here and lots of stores sell those.
  11. Welcome! Love the Smoking Dad videos too, I think he is a member)
  12. Welcome! There are so many true gurus of cooking on kamado cookers willing to help you learn, it is amazing! I got very good recommendations here which helped me a lot! Your pork butt looks great, much better than my first one was Here in Russia when it is -20 - 25C and I need to start my Kamado fast, I found buying "heat gun" like below very useful. It blows hot air at 500C, costs 15-20 bucks but will cut 1/2 hours from cooker prep time. Also, to walk away from kamado for a long time I believe you could also invest in temperature control unit, just don't buy Dy
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