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  1. thanks! Mostly use the metal Weber grills or even simplier like below. Despite simplicity some great stuff come off it Kamado are getting popular, the neighbour in the top right corner of the photo has a KJoe, and one more on the other side. We just moved to this place a few month ago and due to the pandemic didn't talk to many neigbours unfortunately
  2. Not sure, the previous owner told me it is a kind of food friendly stone, the wooden ones got damaged quite quickly according to him
  3. Today it was -11F when I started smoking a cut that is called Pork neck here, but I suspect it is the closest to pork butt I will get without too much hassle. No fat cap though :(
  4. We've had rain and somewhat nice weather next time we get some I will post This is in the middle of the last dump This is very similar to what we have outside now!))
  5. Please, share a picture
  6. Congrats on winning the Challenge! Here is how our little village looked like a few weeks ago, not it is all white and pretty I am afraid
  7. Looks very nice! Extra points for great presentation of paella!
  8. Hello! I followed this scheme today and it worked perfectly, thank you very much again! As the result, very tender and juicy beer chicken! First thing coming off my Kamado that I actually enjoyed! Thank you all for you help and advise!
  9. Thanks! Yes, there was a bunch of unburned coal in the basket, so I will have to put in just about a third
  10. Wow, many thanks for such detailed instructions, Jeff! That is really helpful, I will do that tomorrow!
  11. Problem is - I did, right up to the level of the deflectors
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