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  1. I come from a BGE family and went with a KJ Classic II myself. Bought local without issue. It comes with plenty of accessories to get you started, big enough for small groups/families, and can fire it up quickly for a weeknight meal.
  2. Finished my table for the Classic II. Wanted to go entirely out of cedar, but unfortunately out of stock around here except 1x4’s due to COVID. So just the top is cedar, the rest pressure treated pine. Finished with Valspar 6 year transparent deck/fence stain. Now sitting on a dedicated space we made on a slope at the side of the house by building a short retaining wall, backfilling and covering with pea gravel. Will ultimately put pavers down, but going to let the ground settle a bit first. Need to figure out lighting so if anyone has suggestions that would be great. Bonus pic of a little surf and turf from the other night.
  3. Looks great! Are those lights on the top in the middle?
  4. Well it's done - cured for 6 days, desalinated overnight, then rubbed and smoked to 160F internal and finished to 203F in the steamer. Tastes as good as it looks alone or on rye with sauerkraut and mustard! Next time I will probably take off a bit more fat. Spicy crust that held up well despite steaming.
  5. I am smoking my cured flat tomorrow! How did you feel the crust held up after steaming? I’m thinking about smoking, then steaming, then throwing it on the grill for a minute to firm up that outer layer. Will post an update once it’s done.
  6. @Chief57 I am in the same boat - just got my KJ Classic II last week and putting the finishing touches on a table this weekend. Yours is a beaut! I’ve got a ThermoPro TP08S remote thermometer which I’ve used ad infinitum on my offset - it has worked well, but I am planning to upgrade to a ThermoWorks unit at some point. I am presently lacking in the instant read department - can anyone comment on the relative merits of the Thermopop vs Lavatools Javelin (above) vs Inkbird instant-read?
  7. Hi all - I am presently on day 3 of a 6 day brisket flat wet cure which I plan to smoke next week to make pastrami. I am following Meathead’s recipe from Amazing Ribs and used Dr. Blonder’s curing calculator (all praise); they have not steered me wrong through several batches of bacon. Just curious if anyone has tips/tricks as this will be my first foray into pastrami. I’ll probably use the offset for this one as I have yet to cook brisket on the kamado. Excited to eat fat sandwiches and watch the Masters next week. Will post pics regardless of outcome.
  8. For a while there, I was able to find the Royal Oak XL bags for the same prices at Walmart. Haven’t been in a while because of the ‘rona, but the size of the XL lump was awesome and a steal at that price!
  9. Hi all - first time kamado owner here! Snagged a KJ Classic II a week ago (purchase delayed significantly by COVID). Grew up grilling with my dad on a weber kettle and then later on a BGE. This is my first proper foray into the kamado world. I’ve been cooking on an OKJ offset and mini Vision kamado for the last few years and am excited to get into all the versatility that a legit kamado has to offer. Putting the finishing touches on my grill table this weekend and then it’s off to the races. Will gladly accept any and all advice, recipe suggestions, and cook critiques. My biggest fans are my carnivore dog and my vegetarian wife who I manage to placate with grilled seafood and vegetables somehow.
  10. That’s a steal Alan! Just got my hands on a KJ Classic II and am thrilled. I come from a BGE family, but had to break the mold. I am finishing up building a grill table this weekend and am excited to break away from my mini Vision grill and my offset. Will prob plan to use the offset for larger cooks, but the KJ is going to do the lion’s share for sure. Any suggestions for major cook #1 this weekend? I am curing brisket for pastrami that will be ready for the Masters next week, but want to get acquainted with the new instrument this weekend.
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