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  1. Sorry if yhis is not allowed but I need to move from Scottsdale AZ to Los Angeles before Christmas. I have a almost new Classic 3 that I dont want to let go, but I must do this. I used it 7 times and then stored it due to my relocation to LA. Please see the pictures and if you would like to come and see it let me know. My phone is 480.531.2004 It comes with the Slowro, conquer and dive system, original cover and all paper work and spare parts. Asking: $1k OBO
  2. Well sandly I will need to move and I will need to let go my Classic 3. So sad!!
  3. I really appreciate your help and advice!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!
  4. Thanks guys!!! I am kind of force to do the movement, but theres a chance to not do it... lets see what define for me... but honestly I would hate to not be able to use my red Joe friend.... :(
  5. Hi everybody, My name is Mike, is so nice to be part of this FORUM. I have a big and important question: I am moving from Arizona to South Cal next month, and I want to bring my Kamado with me. But I dont know if is or not permitted in Los Angeles to have a wood fire grill??? I want to rent a house, but wife insist in a Townhouse she loves... I would appreciate your help!
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