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  1. Nice round pizza! As you can see ours was not quite as round, not even rectangular, shaped more like an amoeba. Delicious nevertheless. This was our second pizza fest on the Classic II with the fourth and final pepperoni pizza pictured. I lifted the stone with two fire bricks about as high as it would go into the dome before the pizza would hit the temperature probe. Crust and top finished nicely in sync together. Brought the dome temp up to around 700F with the pizza stone registering 575-600F+. At 4 minutes I gave the pizza a 90 degree turn and they were pulled off at 6 minutes. Told the wife I like round pizzas - she told me to shut up and get out of the kitchen. So I went back out to the fire with a nice cold IPA.
  2. Thanks for the replies - I hope no one thinks I hajacked this thread but I saw this "mind of it's own" topic and it described what I was experiencing. I think my iKamand is working OK, I just wish it had a port for an external wireless antenna as I think intermittent network disconnects were part of my unit's "mind of its own" problem. I have another question relating to iKamand - where do you all place your pit probe? I am attaching the included clip to the analog pit thermomenter probe and looping the iKamand probe through it to let it hang from the top of the dome. Just curious where everyone else is putting it.
  3. The ash pan is installed and the iKamand door clears it with plenty of space. Am I correct to assume that some air still enters the dome even though the iKamand fan is not spinning?
  4. My iKamand also acts a little wonky but I have not used it enough to really see and document a pattern. I'm currently using it on only my second KJ cookout to monitor a low and slow brisket. I'm holding a temperture of 7 degrees higher than my target temperture but the graph shows NO fan activity over the last two hours with the Kontrol Tower opened up only about 1/4". My guess is that some air is getting in through the iKamand even when the fan is off... OR, the fan is going on and not being logged. The egg seems tight so I'm not suspecting a leak anywhere. I would think these settings would snuff out the coals. Does this seam odd?
  5. Hello all... getting things ready for my first cooking experience on a Classic II. I would like some opinions on this deep dish pizza pan to be used as a drip pan. The plan is to place this pan slightly above the heat deflectors on the accessory rack. The heat deflectors are 15" diameter and this pan looks to be a perfect fit. Just don't know how it might interfere with the function of the oven.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Charcoal basket arrives tomorrow and we will fire her up.
  7. Here it is in the base with the sections spread apart.... Those are big gaps !
  8. Thanks for your reply Gebo. I have emailed Kamado Joe about it but was quickly advised that they won't be responding for at least a week due to... well you know. 1/4 inch slack between the sections seems a little excessive to me. All the videos and pictures I've reviewed thus far online show an assembled firebox like this pic from BBQGUYS:
  9. Hello: Just received our Kamado Joe Classic II from Costco. The firebox assembly does not seem right. I'm including some pictures of it outside of the base so you can see it is assembled correctly. As you can see there is a 1 1/8" gap leftover after all the sections are joined together. This does not seem right.... is this a QC issue or normal?
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