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  1. Sorry for the late reply to your questions.  The position of bottom vent open approximately 1/8",  just good crack.  Smoke quality was fine.  Attached temp unit prior to fire building, with dinner plate holder I purchased with unit.  Followed chart from tiptoptemp website which proved to be very close.  I loved the simplicity of the mechanics of it.  For the money I spent it has allowed more watch free smoking, and chasing temps.  The thing seems to almost sense temp changes quickly and compensates.  Good luck to you.

  2. Greetings:  I just spent most of my Saturday experimenting with my Akorn Griller.  New user 3 or 4 cooking experiences.  Today I worked with the tiptoptemp device for heat control.  I have never spent money more wisely.  Amazing, mechanical and not much of a learning curve.  Sudden major changes in ambient temp can throw you a curve, but around 70 this afternoon on the MS Gulf coast and amazing results with the device.  Peace.

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