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  1. @TKOBBQThat's good advice to spatchcock. I'll have to give that a shot. Will post updates as I have them.
  2. I acquired a mini Diem kamado (just like @bigcaddy 's). It's in rough shape, all the metal is rusted to oblivion, and there is no firebox. My question: should it have a firebox? Or did it just use a charcoal grate inside the main body?
  3. Hello, My dad taught me the way of kamado (for any weebs out there: kamado-do?) back in the 90s, and I finally acquired my own about 5 years ago when I had enough space for one. Hey gave me his old 70s era secondary Sazco kamado, and I *just* newly acquired a mini Diem. I've gotten to the point of 'decent' when it comes to ribs, but I'm trying to work out how to do a whole turkey. Excited to meet other kamado nerds. IMG_8242 2.HEIC IMG_8243 2.HEIC
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